Monday, March 31, 2008


Today we went to ChuckyECheese's! It was alot of fun. I took My nephew Ryan and the girls. Maddy love's the place every time we drive by she has a cow! So I decided to go. They love it. It gets there energy out and they have a blast. Having Alexis for Spring Break helps, she likes to play with the kids. I think I will have to go back soon.

They loved to Dance with Chucky!

Here is Trinity Blowing Kisses for the first time.
Ryan and Maddy riding the snow mobile!

Maddy and Nanna!
Barney! I don't think she had any idea who this was, we don't watch this yet.
My little loves!
Weeeeee slide!
Dance magic Dance..
Playing with all the controllers. She got to decide where the cameras go.

Bob the builder! She thought it was Handy
Alexis loves her Sissy!

Kicking off Spring Break

We sure had a lot of activity this weekend! It was crazy Friday night, with Alexis having a sleep over. She had her cousin Destiny over and a her friend Stacy from school. It was very entertaining to say the least. Stacy was a crack up. She would say the funniest, most bizarre stuff, that all you could do is laugh at. The sang karokee , danced, watched funny videos on you tube, danced some more, wrestled with Nathan.. actually beat him up. He says if we never had a boy it would be fine cuz you can pretty much do all the same things with Girls, he proved his point this weekend. The girls were worse then the boys usually are. they played with Nathan for about three hours in the afternoon. He was feeling it the next Saturday morning Stacy made us all eggs. I thought it was really sweet. It is kinds funny cuz every time Alexis has a friend over they always want to make breakfast. Stacy also loved to play with Madison and Trinity. Some of her friends don't even want the girls around them or they shy away. Stacy was having a blast with them. It was so nice because she wore them out!

Saturday evening after the Girls went
home and we got a sitter Nathan and I went on a date. It was really nice we had a lot of fun. We went and had some sushi at Sushi Tsunami, Then we went to Papa Haydn in Portland for Dessert. They have the best dessert. It was so good. Nathan had the Banana Cream Pie, and I had the Georgian Peanut Butter Mousse. They are very well know in Portland so there was a bit of a wait, but not to bad. After dessert we drove around Portland for a bit and talked. I know to some of you this don't sound too exciting but for us it is a great time for us to be alone and talk. We have had some of our best conversations in cars driving around aimlessly. After our drive we stopped to have a drink and chat some more. All in all it was a great date night. I am glad we take time out for each other.
Sunday was a lazy day. We got to sleep in cuz our sitter was still here(my dad) he let us sleep in! That was so wonderful! Other then that we just hung out at home most of the day. I cleaned, Nathan played Heros of Might and Magic. After the girls woke up from there naps we took them play in the play structure at Burger King. We had been telling Maddy that we would go to the park all weekend but it kept raining. So we took her to the "inside park". She had a blast. I forgot my camera so pics=( Hope everyone had a great weekend. Alexis is here so I am sure I will have more to report on our spring break soon....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

New Hair!

Well today I said Good bye to about 10 inces... (or at least it feels like 10. I am not positive how many. ) of my hair. I had been letting it grow out for way too long. I love having long hair. It is what made me different. I was just tired of dealing with it. My hair is by no means "short" but it feels that way right now. I hope you all like it, if not thats fine. I love it, Nathan likes it and it feels sooo good!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Easter. I wish we all Celebrated Easter like we do Christmas. Not presents but to gather with Family to Celebrate the Resurrection of Christ as we do his Birth. I know we can get wrapped up in the easter eggs and cute clothes,or the presents of Christmas. When I really think about what these days are meant to represent you would think we wouldn't blind our selfs by putting the Easter Bunny, and Santa on a pedestal. But rather worship and praise our God for sending his only Son, for Jesus dying for us and then raising three days later. I am so blessed to have Christ in my life. I am truly blessed to have a relationship with him. I thank Patti in my Prayers for ultimately leading me to him. So next year as we dress up our girls and prepare to do the Easter egg hunt, I think I will take the time to read in the Bible first. Tell the girls why we celebrate this day. Show them not to glorify the bunny but to Glorify Jesus and all he has done for us.
Praise God that we have a place in heaven with Him and that our Savior died on the cross for us because He loved us so much.
We had a great day, Celebrating Jesus! I made brunch for My Family. My Mom and Dad were both here! I felt so blessed. It was the first time I sat down at a table with both my parents and had a meal.. for as long as I can remember. I am so Happy my Dad is making better decisions. I am so greatfull for the work he is doing to get him self help. I have to say that I have never felt so complete before in my life.
After the Girls woke up from there naps we took them to Nathan's Parents house. We had a wonderful meal Patti prepared(of course it was wonderful,her food is so yummy!) She made Lasagna, three bean salad, cherry pineapple fruit salad, and my favorite.. her home made rolls! The girls did a little egg hunt in the living room since it was raining! Got to love Washington! They had a blast. Nathan, Jon, Gabe, and myself hid the eggs. Not well we didn't want them to have a hard time finding them since they are 1 & 2. I think they would have been happy with just one egg. The first egg they found seemed to be good enough till we encouraged them to find more. Then by the end I think we may have went a little over It was all for fun so it was just fine. I hope you all had a great day. Enjoy the pics=)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Brandon 's Birthday PArty!

Brandon's Party was this Saturday! We sure had a blast. The weather was nice one minute and nasty the next. We had to go in and out of the house a lot but it was fine. It worked out great. When it was raining we did inside stuff like eat Pizza, open presents, and have cake and Ice cream. When it was nice we got to do the outside games.
First we did the pinata! I thought my attempt at a Pinata was horrible but every one said it was great. (Thanks by the way) I knew it looked funny but who cares the kids just bash it anyway right=) Here are a couple pictures of the. The blue hooded child is my nephew Ryan.
When we were all done with the Pinata we came back in the house for some PIZZA!!! Then we
played the water balloon toss game. They had fun playing that. Alexis and Billy won that game. At least they didn't get to wet! Then we had cake and ice cream! My cake was yummy. I think everyone liked
After the b
ig clean up of cake and Ice cream.We opened presents. He got lots of cool stuff he was really Happy! Then we went out side and played with Bubbles and rode bikes and scooters and skateboards! All in all he had a great day. Thanks to all who came!

My first atempt at a Skateboard cake

So I tried to make a skateboard cake, and l enjoyed every minute of it. The wheels are on the side so it kinda looks like a car. Brandon didn't want me to put the wheels on the top cuz he liked the design I made. So we just put them on the side. I bought 2 white tubes to connect the wheels and it would have really looked like a skateboard if I had done it like that, but it was Brandon's Birthday and his cake so I did it how he wanted it. Here are some pictures of the assembly and the final product. I did Chocolate cake on the bottom cream cheese filling and white cake on top=)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Washinton weather can sure kill a party!

I am so sad for Brandon! We had his party all planed for this weekend, and of course it is going to rain! We were going to have it at the skate park they just opened by our house! Now we have to have it inside! I am not sure what I am going to do. All the games I planed are outside games and I made a pinata! So I guess we will have to improvise=( I am going to make his cake this year. It will be my first try at a skateboard...wish me luck! I will post pictures when it is all done. Have a great rainy day everyone.Gurrrrr

Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Little Man!

Today my awesome son Brandon turned 9! I can not believe it as been nine years since he was born. He has brought me much joy. He is such a boy. He loves to play soccer,basketball,and skateboard. We are having his Party next Saturday at the park. I will be sure to post lots of Pictures.
Brandon is very special to me. He is the only boy out of four. That means he has to deal with three sisters! He also has a step sister so make that Poor guy. It is so nice to have a boy around. It balances out the pink, princess, girly over load this house can some times experience. He is a trooper!
I love you Brandon! You are always going to be so special to me your the best son I could ever ask for=)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

A day at the Park

Yesterday was beautiful. It was one of the warmest days we have had in a long time. I decided to run some errands, and take the girls to the Park. I got a lot done. I was proud of myself. I got the oil changed, drooped fresh eggs off to Patti, got some stuff at Wal-Mart, finished Brandon's Invitations, got all new tires on the van, got the van washed and vacuumed out! It was a long day. The best part was our time at the Park. While the Van was getting new tires I walked across to the Park with the girls and my Mom. It was the first time Trinity was on a swing set like this. She didn't know what to think at first.. then she Loved it! Maddy of course loved it.
She didn't know what to think of Trinity being on the swing set. She was looking at her with this funny expression for like five minutes then she decided she didn't care any more and just enjoyed her time on the swing.
I think they could have been pushed on there forever.
Needless to say they slept well after that=)

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