Monday, June 7, 2010

Lazy weekend

This weekend we decided after a bunch of busy weekends we would just hang and not do much. We hit up some garage sales got to have dinner alone then spent the rest of Saturday hangin with Daniel and Ryan. They played with Chickens and chased Noah the baby goat. It was refreshing! The sun was out and we soaked it up!
Sunday it poured and I mean poured! We did have a nice dinner with Nathans parents and spend the evening watching TV and relaxing. It was just what we needed!!

Jacob meeting his Great Grandparents

Nathans parents took Jacob down to Rockaway a few weeks back to meet his great Grandparents. We had a busy spring cleaning of a weekend planned so they offered to take Jacob. They decided to go down to the beach to visit Terry due to him breaking his upper arm(poor guy)!
We got lots done that day and Jacob had a great time meeting his Great Grandma and Great Grandpa.
I was the first time I was away from Jacob all day, it was strange but I managed ;)


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Last minute Idaho trip

No plans had been made for the long weekend. We had been doing a lot as a family and didn't have the older kids this weekend so I was thinking a relaxing long weekend... Well if you know me I am always spur of the moment and I don't mind to have to get tons of things put together in a short period of time. This weekend took the cake on that. On Thursday I saw my Grandma had posted something about being in Boise for the week on Facebook. An idea popped in my head Boise 7 hours away Hurricane UT 18 hours away ummm we should go see my grandpa and extended family this weekend. Did I mention this was Thursday? So I talked to my brother who then talked to my cousin Stevie then Cherissa was here when we were all talking about it. So a weekend trip turned into a family reunion! I called my Grandma and asked if it would be ok if we ALL came over to Boise to visit them, after talking to my Aunt Rachel it was a go! I booked the hotel did tons of laundry gassed up the van and left Friday at 7 to go see family.

Making plans in the span of 24 hours is not always easy but to my liking it all went sooth. There was four adults one teenager and six kids under ten! And it was awesome! We made it there fast our Hotel was amazing it was so great to see family and get to know friends. I am so glad we went!! Saturday we celebrated Haley and Courtney Graduating High School by have a huge Luau! It was so much fun! The kids played at the park us adults caught up ate some great food and even played some volleyball. Then we headed back to the Hotel and swan for a few hours, after we ate at Golden Corral, it was really good for being only 10 a person!! Then we headed back and crashed. It was no nice that Alexis came along she is great with the kids and is so good about helping! I loved having her come along (Thanks Mike for letting her come!)

Sunday our Grandparents had to leave. We were all very sad! We wished we would have had more time with them! After we took tons of pictures and said our goodbyes we headed over to the Boise Zoo with aunt Rachel and all of her family... minus Courtney=( We had so much fun and it was so great to spend time with all of them. We have not hung out with them in forever!! It was great we really got to catch up.
After that we headed to the Hotel and did some more swimming Rachel and everyone joined us. It was a ton of fun!!! Stevie and I talked with Mark a ton while everyone else swam. The kids played and paled so much!! When it was time to put the kids down everyone said there good buys took some more pictures and promised to keep in touch. I really really hope we stay in contact with them, it is sad so much time has passed since we last saw them!!

All in all it was a really fun weekend and I would do it all over aging! I think next time I will give myself a little more time to prepare;)

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