Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Place of Residence

This my friends has become my new home. I can't escape it. I don't think I have ever had "morning sickness" this bad EVER! I can not even go to the grocery store with out visiting the porcelain demon! I feel nauseous all the time rarely does it go away. I am not sure why it is this bad. Can I hope that it means there is a little man growing in side of me... I am not sexist but I would think a little lady wouldn't be doing this to me...hahaha only joking.

Seriously tho I am having a really hard time with this. It is exhausting and all I want to do is lay down with my eyes closed, that just don't happen in my world. I have two little munchkins running around and one is very vocal.

I will say that today was wonderful as far as being able to sleep in a little. Nathan stays home on Wednesdays and it is a life saver. I think that normally Wednesday is the hardest day of the week. It is three days in and then you still have two more to go till the weekend. It helps so much to have him home to help. He made dinner tonight too... it was really sweet he let the girls help him. He even put on there little aprons that grandma made them. It was adorable. They had a blast! He let them set the table, he told them to put a plate at Mommys spot and they knew where to put it!

Oh how I love days like today. (aside from feeling horrible)

So let me know if you have a miracle sickness nausea remedy, PLEASE

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was fun. Saturday I had a purse party here at my house for Whitney. My house was full of chatting and laughing ladies. It was great fun! We had some yummy food and I think almost everyone who came bought a purse! I got one, it was my Easter(begged Nathan)

Before the Party I gave the kids there Easter baskets. I put them on the door step and made sure they were all busy then rang the door bell. I yelled "I think the door is for Alexis, Brandon, Maddy and Trinity"!!!! They all came running. I let Madison and Trin open the door. The big kids were like why did you put our baskets on the porch..I gave them the look and told them to be quiet and enjoy there candy! I didn't want them to ruin it for the little girls. They didn't even want to dye eggs or do a hunt this year, I guess they are getting to old for all that stuff. They enjoyed all that they got and the little ladies were so excited!! They just kept saying yahh eder badkets.. it was funny.

Sunday we relaxed the early part of the day, then went to Nathans parents for dinner and an egg hunt(inside). I made cupcakes and a filling for an angel food cake roll Patti had made. It turned out so good!!! Whitney and I had made the filling just has a dip for strawberries the night before at the purse party. When Patti said she was making angel food cake and strawberries I told her I would bring a topping, she let me know it was a roll and asked if I had enough to fill the entire roll. I did and it was great!! It is three simple ingredients cream cheese, jet puff marshmallow cream and powder sugar. You mix all the ingredients with a hand mixer till smooth. It is good as a filling, topping or dip. You should all try it!
After dinner and dessert we filled eggs for the mini hunt. Nathan kept the girls busy while Patti and Gabe hid all the eggs and smarties. Then we let them go for it. It was a lot of fun to watch them scurry around trying to find the eggs, Madison had an easier time then Trinity and only because once Trin found an egg she wanted to open it and eat whatever was inside. So we had to keep telling her to keep looking. Once they were all done looking we let them indulge in there candy and then about 15 minutes later we regretted it, they were having sugar over load So we headed home and put them to bed. It took them two hours to fall asleep!!! So no more Easter candy after 1pm from now on. =)

All in all it was a great weekend. Thanks to all who have Congratulated us on our Pregnancy we are both very excited. We told Madison and Trinity there is a baby in my belly and Madison can't be more happy she says she wants a baby in her tummy too. I told her she has to wait a long long time for that! I asked her if she wants a brother or sister and she said a baby brother! I told her that Mommy wanted her to have a baby brother too. So we will keep our fingers crossed. If it is not a boy then that is ok too. We will take whatever the Lord gives us. Our only hope is that it is healthy and strong. We hope you all had a great Easter and took time to remember aside from eggs and bunnies the true meaning of the holiday.
She was really happy
Madison so excited to get an Easter basket
Brandon and his basket
Super cute
She found an egg and was looking inside
So happy to find a candy in the cushion
Hanging with Grandpa eating her candy
My pretty girl.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


I can't wait any longer to tell you all my exciting news! i know I know it's ny been one
Nathan said I am being silly by not telling everyone. I thought I was just playing a cute little game. I guess I am not very good at it, and I shouldn't use this blog to tell everyone(or at least the people who read it) But oh well why not....heehee

So... Yes I am Pregnant I am due November 25th, I will be 8 weeks on Monday=)

I am really hoping it is a boy!!!

Happy Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009

I have some exciting news!!


Y0u will have to wait a couple weeks...or days to find out. I haven't decided yet. It is good and juicy news too, the kind that makes you get butterflies in your tummy!

No emails, phone calls or comments asking what I am talking about, or I will make you wait even longer. heehee

So check back often!

I promise you will know by the end of the month.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools..hahahaha

Today is April fools day so I thought it would be a good idea to play a little prank on some of my Myspace, facebook and twitter friends. Since my recent trip to Utah I thought it would be a perfect idea to tell everyone we were moving there this summer... hahaha it worked. Within 3 minutes of posting this I had 4 emails and three phone calls! It continued threw out the day, I was so pleased with my self because normally I am not good at pulling off jokes.
Our trip went really well, we spent a lot of time with family and reminisced a lot! We had a lot of activities to keep us busy and wear us out! I was so happy my kids got to see this part of my life and meet some of my Family. They clicked really well with everyone! They even said they wouldn't mind living there someday. I was a little surprised by that comment, what city kid wants to move to the middle of nowhere! It was a good feeling to know that they could appreciate a beautiful place like Hurricane, UT.
Our drive home was horrible! It was one storm after another. When we were leaving Hurricane a bad wind storm hit and lasted about a hundred miles. Then once we hit Salt Lake there was a bad Snow Storm. I was driving in the snow going 30 mph! It was stressful and gave me a headache after an hour so I had Daniel drive. We called my mom after awhile to ask her to check to see if any roads were closed or how long this was going to last. Well The roads were closed 15 miles into Idaho, so we decided to stop at the last town in UT, ironically called
We made it there and slept till about 7 in the morning. We checked to see if the roads were open and thankfully they were! So we headed out!
It was a long drive home, it seemed to take forever! It took us a lot longer getting home then getting to Utah, but we made it.
I have had a couple days to rest and get my self back to my normal routine.
I look forward to the next trip but am good on road trips for at least a few months=)

Quail Lake

Cute pic of Alexis
My boy is getting so big!
Tara and Lexi being cute
Zion National Park
Weeping rock
Dixi downs
Kids loving it was warm enough to swim!
St. George Temple

Dixi Downs in St.George
The Fam

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