Sunday, January 31, 2010

A new addition

We want to send our congratulations to Tracie Ricky and Isabella! Friday January 29th at 9:09pm Chilean time, Baby Milan Alessandro was born! Weighing 6lbs 15 oz., 19.5 inches. He has a full head of blond hair and looks so much like his big sister!!

We are so happy to have the new addition to our growing family. Just four short years ago there were no married couples and no babies in the Heuton clan. Now there are two married couples and five babies!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Fix it Friday

Today is Fix it Friday over at I Faces. This is my first entry!!


My Fix

Late night with my fat man

Oh how I love him! Even when it is 12:40 and he will not stop crying!

He was being this sweet only an hour ago


Summer treat in January

It is always summer somewhere!
So lucky us we got a semi fresh friut salad to go with dinner.
Peaches Strawberries Bananas Kiwi

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cusco Update

Tracie just posted the following on her Blog! Keep praying for Cusco!!!

Here is a brief Video to show the devasation in Cusco!

Current situation: 1,400 tourists still stranded in Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes

11 helicopters taking people from MP to Ollantaytambo, only 4 helicopters can run simultaniously due to geography.

Word is that people are paying up to $500 to be airlifted out first. Authorities deny this (we are not surprised)

The Ollant. stadium is now flooded, looking for new place for helicopters to land.

More than 600 tourists and 300 porters/guides are somewhere on the Inca Trail. Authorities are trying to locate them. The Inca Trail is a very difficult hike of 3/4 days, with difficult conditions and gets into altitudes of nearly 15,000 feet.

11 reported deaths at this time

Machu Picchu electric central has stopped working because two power lines have fallen down

10,000 affected residents and more than 2,000 collapsed houses

Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4 - “Texture” Photo Challenge!

Texture is really new for me! So he is my first texture photo. I like it a lot and I think that this might be my new favorite thing!!

Madison is my middle child and my first blue eyed baby. I love her smile and a smile like this can be captured in the living room on a Monday morning.

Pray for Cusco, Peru!!

This is a link to my Sister in laws blog. Her husband and she are missionaries here; they need you prayers and support! They are out of the country right now about to have a baby, but planning to return soon. Their home is in Cusco and the church they run. Please pray for the city and the members of Tracies and Ricky’s church they have over 150 children!

Nathan and I made a trip back in 2006 with our then 8 month old Madison. The towns they talk about we have been to and experienced, these small towns are already poverty stricken and have little resources. The train on the way to Mach Pichu is lined with tiny shacks with dirt floors no glass on the windows and people live in them. I just cannot imagine the devastation that has occurred! My heart hurts for them and my Prayers will be strong for them! Please pray as well!

I will keep this blog updated as I hear news!

Here Nathan is on Machu Picchu

This is the valley they talk about in Tracies blog

The small town of Pisac

Cusco, Peru

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Big Update

Late nights were mine to blog edit pictures and relax. Since Jacob arrived this is not the case. Mostly my nights consist of a cranky baby, poo and throw up till about 2am and I would not have it any other way. The blog can wait but my baby will not be a baby for long. Patti told me recently there is a poem that says something like that. It is so true! Sometimes I feel I am neglecting my photography my blog and my hair color! Then I just think better that then my precious fat man. He is plump and sweet and cozy and everything I ever wanted my boy to be. I fall in love with him more every day. It is hard to remember what it was like before he was here. I am happy to say that nursing him has gone more than great! Usually for me it only lasts a few weeks and that is with many formula supplements in between. This time around it is like my breasts caught on, it only took five times! It has been a great experience and I am so proud of how chubby my baby boy’s cheeks are! He will be eight weeks this Wednesday. They grow to fast!

December was filled with lots of fun activities, first was getting a tree we went to Thortons tree farm, our little family tradition. We visited the animals first the girls just love them it is really their favorite part. As we were hangin with the animals I spotted a tree it was perfect! I thought no way could the first tree I see really be it! Hahaha it wasn't there was no tag on it so it was off limits! I was happy to find another tree only a few over that was just as perfect! It had a tag and that was it the fastest tee hunt ever! We got some hot chocolate and goodies and headed home to decorate. It was up in record time and I enjoyed it more this time then ever!

Next was Alexis winter choir concert. I picked the worst seat for taking pictures she was on the same side as me facing at an angle; Jon jumped up and took some shoots from a different position. She did really good they sounded nice and of course her friend Stacie brought down the house singing "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus. I cried! It was a perfect song for her to sing if you knew her story. She has gone through a lot in the last year and I think it was her way of saying she was going to make it threw and be ok.

Madison had her big Birthday party on the 19th. We were waiting for Grandma Patti to get back from Peru. It was a lot of fun not many kids came due to them having the flu and other things but she had a great day. I cannot believe how fast the last four years flew by!!

Next was Christmas week and oh what a week it was. I can honestly say that I have not had a better Christmas in my life. It was just a joy the entire week last minute shopping making cookies fudge and other goodies spending a nice night with Nathans family on Christmas Eve. I just felt so warm and wonderful the entire time. Christmas morning was so peaceful I woke up before very one and made blueberry muffins, coffee and OJ. Then my Mom woke up and we chatted and took some pics of the kids sleeping. Slowly the kids started waking up. We had to drag Alexis out of bed. She stayed up late wrapping last minute gifts with me till almost 2am! They girls were so excited to see all the presents the looks on their faces were just priceless. We are so blessed and I felt it that morning so much! The next few hours we played our new Wii I made a big breakfast after opening presents then we had to get ready to go to Nathans parents for dinner. We went from jamies to fancy dresses. It was a good reason to dress up=) we had fun opening presents eating cinnamon rolls and chatting. Then we got the big turkey dinner that Patti prepared that was beyond delish! She nails it every time! So so yummy!! Things winded down and we headed home. My Mom called and asked to have the girls spend the night... another great gift to us SLEEP wahooo!! Lol Alexis and Brandon went to their dads and Nathan and I spent the rest of the night chatting and playing the Wii. It was such the perfect day!

On the 29th we got some unexpected snow, it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday and it just started snowing, a lot!! The girls waited for Daddy to get home to go play and they had a blast! It got too cold for Trinity after about ten minutes but she had fun. It was melted by Thursday= ( We are hoping that is not the only snow we see this year how sad would that be!

New Years eve we hung out at home with my Mom Ryry Billy and the girls. We watched a movie and made margaritas. At ten to midnight we let the girls get up(they were not asleep due to fireworks). I got a pot and some wooden spoons and at 12 let them bang away they were amazed! Trinity said we get up it a holiday??? When we said yes she just got all big eyed and laughed. It was a lot of fun! Maddy was banging so hard on the pans she broke my wooden spoon!!! Good times!

We went to Papas Pizza on the 2nd to spend some time with Nathan brother Jon. He was being shipped out that next Tuesday for boot camp. We had some pizza and Family time with him it was nice. We also went over there the next day for a big steak dinner. It was the time we will see him for a long time. After boot camp he goes to Spokane WA for his training once he is done with that we are hoping he can make a trip home. It has only been two weeks but I miss him so much already. He was 10 when I met Nathan and can honestly say I feel like he is my brother. Him and I have always had a special relationship and got along so well. He is such a love. He has such a great personality and a huge heart. That night as we were leaving him with some encouraging words, I finally broke down and balled my eyes out. I know he will be on an adventure and will have so many opportunities joining the Military but is sad he will not be around here. We will not see him as much and I guess I feel we will miss out on a lot of his life due to him joining. But he is at the age he needs to spread his wings and take this journey we call life on his own for a bit. I think he is leaving as a kid and will come back a man that I am looking forward to seeing. My advice to him that night was to stay true to himself and never let anything change that big heart he has. Knowing him that will never ever happen!

Last weekend was my mom’s birthday party and Ryan’s as well. For my Moms Birthday I made a huge Holy Mole taco dinner. It was soooo sooo good! Alexis and I made a red velvet cake and she decorated it all by herself! It turned out so super cute!! We had some yummy drinks and sang karaoke it was some fun times!! Ryan had his party the next day and the kids had a blast it turned out to be a sunny day! They got to play outside! He had a lot of friends from school that came so that was so nice for him. He sure is getting big seems like Dawn was just at the Hospital having him. I love that little guy he is my buddy!! At the party we got some News form Pete’s girl friend that they are expecting a baby!! We are truly excited for them! I think Pete will be the best daddy!

So that brings us to this weekend. Whew we made it! This was a long one!
Friday night was the first time I have got to go have a drink with the ladies since getting pregnant almost a year ago!! It was really fun and I am happy to say I was home by 9:30=)
Yesterday I took the girls to a birthday party then Nathan and I cleaned out the garage and took a bunch of stuff to goodwill. (Trying to stick to some goals not resolutions
we made).
Today we had a nice lunch with Nathans parents and I got to chat with Patti. I love our Sunday time with his family!!

I actually finished this before Desperate housewives came on.. wahoo!! I will try to update more often I know these long updates can get boring and have way too many pictures!!!!

Love you all xoxox

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