Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Cusco Update

Tracie just posted the following on her Blog! Keep praying for Cusco!!!

Here is a brief Video to show the devasation in Cusco!

Current situation: 1,400 tourists still stranded in Machu Picchu/Aguas Calientes

11 helicopters taking people from MP to Ollantaytambo, only 4 helicopters can run simultaniously due to geography.

Word is that people are paying up to $500 to be airlifted out first. Authorities deny this (we are not surprised)

The Ollant. stadium is now flooded, looking for new place for helicopters to land.

More than 600 tourists and 300 porters/guides are somewhere on the Inca Trail. Authorities are trying to locate them. The Inca Trail is a very difficult hike of 3/4 days, with difficult conditions and gets into altitudes of nearly 15,000 feet.

11 reported deaths at this time

Machu Picchu electric central has stopped working because two power lines have fallen down

10,000 affected residents and more than 2,000 collapsed houses


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