Monday, October 25, 2010

Autunm Fun

Over the weekend we went to Joe's Place farm to pick out our pumpkins and enjoy some fresh fruit and hot cider. I thought since it was the weekend before hallowwen a lot more people would be out and we would not have that good of a time. The weather was horrible so I think that kept the crowds down. When we arrived it was pouring! So we went in the barn ate some apples and warmed up on some hot chocolate and cider. Once the rain let up we went and picked out our pumpkins. Jacob had a ball he was walking from one pumpkin to another trying to figure out what they were. He tried picking them up eating them hitting them. It was really cute! He got quite dirty! The other kids played in the big hay stacks. It was a short but sweet visit.

Monday, October 18, 2010

House buying update

This last Friday we saw three more houses. It has been a little frustrating not finding what we really want. One of the three stood out, it had a huge garage for Nathan a big kitchen for me and a decent backyard for the kids. I didn't fall in love with it at first. The people living there are moving out so it is dirty cluttered and not what you would call move in ready. It needs new carpet some paint and a good deep cleaning and I think I will love it more. So we put in an offer. It is a short sale, not so fun to wait but we are willing. I am anxious to get out of this house but there is no rush.

Today we got a little good news from our agent, the other buys got there inspection in last minute but with a huge list of things they want repaired and replaced. According to the agent he doesn't think the bank will approve all the changes. So we may still have a shot at getting that house. I truly love the house and everything about it. It is perfect for us! I would be happy in either house but I would be ecstatic if we got the one we originally wanted.

So we will wait and we will pray. I know God has a plan for us and I am at his mercy. I know he will provide.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arizona Trip

Due to the huge update I waited to post this so it would be it's very own.

I took a trip mid September to visit one of my best friends Josie. I wanted to meet her new baby and spend some time with her. I had expected to see her and Mike this summer for her baby shower I was throwing. Things quickly changed when Josie had been feeling light headed and started having a hard time breathing. She quickly went to the ER and they ran some test on her. She found out she had severe Preeclampsia. The Dr. told her if she would have waited even a few more hours she and the baby would have died. Most the time severe levels are at 5,000, Josie was at 20,000!! She was rushed in and given a C-Section. Gabe weighed 1lb 14oz! he was tiny. He was in the Neonatal intensive-care unit for a little over three months. During that time he had heart surgery and fought off a couple infections. He is now home growing fast and thriving. What a small little miracle he is!!

We did some shopping, swimming, a lot of good eating! And some good talking while I was there. The four days went by way to fast!! I hope I get to see her again soon I already miss her tons!!

These first two pictures were at one of my favorite restaurants thought one was cool and the other was super funny!!


Josie and Gabe in the pool

My Yummy drink!


Josie at In n Out burger

after a few drinks at the pool

On my way home =(

Family Pics

Nutella Baby

Alexis decided it would be funny to give Jacob some nutella on a spoon. Needless to say he loved it!!! He was a mess! A cute mess!

Brothers Birthday

Yesterday My little brother turned 28! He came over for his favorite dinner and dessert, Chicken Divan and carrot cake. It was a nice little party to celebrate his day. This weekend we are all going to go out and celebrate. More pictures to come.

Happy birthday Daniel I love you so so much and could not have asked for a better brother you have been my best friend and side kick since day one!!

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