Monday, October 25, 2010

Autunm Fun

Over the weekend we went to Joe's Place farm to pick out our pumpkins and enjoy some fresh fruit and hot cider. I thought since it was the weekend before hallowwen a lot more people would be out and we would not have that good of a time. The weather was horrible so I think that kept the crowds down. When we arrived it was pouring! So we went in the barn ate some apples and warmed up on some hot chocolate and cider. Once the rain let up we went and picked out our pumpkins. Jacob had a ball he was walking from one pumpkin to another trying to figure out what they were. He tried picking them up eating them hitting them. It was really cute! He got quite dirty! The other kids played in the big hay stacks. It was a short but sweet visit.


Tracie and Ricky said...

love this!!

and i love trinny's face, she is so expressive! it was so fun seeing them over skype last night. jacob is getting so big... boohooo

patti said...

What fun! What rain???

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