Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexis

That's right, today my first born is turning 15! I really cannot believe it. It only seems like yesterday I was in the hospital in awe of her. She was so small and tan with thick brown hair she smelled sweet her big brown eyes staring at me. I remember thinking this little person is mine I am her Mommy she is going to love me for the rest of her life, and I her. I made her I created life inside of me. I was so young and did not know what I was getting into, it was all so new and exciting and scary. I fell in love with her and I have been every since. She has brought me so much joy and happiness. People ask me if I could change being a teen mom would I do things different, and I honestly have to say no that would mean I would not have her and she is everything to me. Alexis is why I am who I am it was my path to be on and the life I was given and I am ok with that in fact I am happy about it. It may not have been ideal or the best thing for me. No child should give birth to a child. You miss out on important things and you grow up fast but to me 15 years later it was worth missing out on things, which next to Alexis were not important at all. She is what was important she was my path. I would walk it a million times over because it brought her to me. I get to teach her how to be a strong independent woman to value herself to not let a boy take advantage of her in any way, that she is scaried her mind body and spirit. I have done my best to make sure she has a childhood that she finishes school and most importantly she lives her life walking with God.
The next few years will be amazing watching her grow and follow her dreams. I cannot wait till some day we are sitting in her living room with her children talking about life and loving every minute of being a part of it together.

Happy Birthday Alexis Kate! You are my sunshine on a dark day and my baby forever. I will always love you and support you in all you do!

Alexis age 3
Age 2

age 3
age 2
age 1

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This last month has been busy!! I have had stuff going on every weekend and some things in-between!
Here are a few pictures from Halloween. First we stopped by my mom’s work so she could see all her babes dressed up. She was happy we surprised her!
Then we went to the neighborhood right next to ours. Almost every house has its light on and is decorated really cool. We only went for about an hour it was getting cold and Jacob was tired! In the short time we were out they got a ton of candy!

Madison was Belle Trinity Cinderella as a bride Jacob a monkey and Ryan was Iron Man.

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