Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daddy playing with the kids on Larch Mt.

Rainy Camping trip Short video

A busy few weeks!!!

Wow we have been busy! Every weekend the last five weekends has been crazy. We have been loving the nice weather and loving school being out. I am still a little tired from being pregnant but happy to say I am starting to feel like my self again! I have neglected this blog but figure I am no Pioneer Woman so I don't need to post three times a day. =)
We have been boating, had a really bad storm, went camping in the rain, celebrated fathers day and Grandpas birthday! We have been having some fun! Alexis is out of school and so now she is here all day, it is so nice. I enjoy her company so much. We have also got to spend a day with Grandma midweek!

Now for some exciting news my sister in law Tracie(Nathans sister) is pregnant as well! We are only 9 weeks apart! I am so happy for them! We are both hoping for boys since the last three have been girls! They will be here in just 17 short days!!!!! We have not seen them since February of 2008. This summer is going to be a great one!!!

I will find out what the sex of the Baby is on July 7th. I will post as soon as I know! I am so excited to find out!!!!

Well I am heading off for now. I will be back as soon as I can muster up the energy!

First time on a boat!
Trinity was a little scared
I'm on a boat

Daddy and Maddy playing in the water Me and my Buddy
Trinity munching

And three days later it looked like this!
Cool Picture
Playing in the water
Climbing on the Mountain
They had a blast!
Happy Birthday Grandpa!
My cutie pie Weee! Grandma pushing Maddy on the swing
They had a blast!

My Crazy girls!!

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