Friday, November 28, 2008

Baby Emily

Hello all! I have been absent for a little while, I have no good reason for it other then I just wanted a break=) Tomorrow I will post all the excitement from last weekend that includs some broken bones stay tuned!
I have a cute little baby girl to show off so I thought it was a perfect oprotunity to blog. I took some pictures of this little miracle last Saturday.
I always get a little nevrous taking infant pictures cuz it can go two ways real good or real bad. It went really good! She was perfect. We got some asleep and some awake! I just love this little bundle as if she was my own.

Heidi her momma has gone threw alot to have her. She is truly Heidis angel. Heidi lost a baby two years ago due to some complications with the babys heart. Joshua was born at 23 weeks premature. He got to meet his mommy and daddy and then quietly left to be with our Heavenly father. Heidi felt such a tremdous loss, she strugled with her pain for a long time and made the decision to have another woman carry her child if she ever decided to try agtain. Well God had another plan for her. Just when Heidi had come to terms with her loss and that she might never bear a child of her own she found out she was pregnant! I am sure for her it was a million emotions good and bad all at once. She had a lot of complications with her first pregnancy aside from loosing Joshua so she was nevrous that she would suffer the same medical problems again. For the most part things went good, she had a couple hospital visits and a little case of water retention but other then that it went pretty good. I was lucky enough to give you all a step by step update on this blog of her Labor. I got to be there and be a support friend, and it was amazing. So here she is happy and healthy and three weeks old. God is good aCheck Spellingnd we are truly blessed to have a savior who gives us these little angels.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Emergency Room Monday!

I first off want to say that Madison is doing good. =)
Last night Madison got out of bed a few times saying she was not feeling good. Nathan and I were still up so we let her stay up and hang out. I noticed there were little bumps on her arm and leg that looked like bug bites. She was itching them and complaining. I put some benadryl cream on them and they went away in about 30 minutes. Once they were gone a couple more popped up! I was baffled cuz she was sitting next to me and I didn't see no bugs! So more cream it was.
This went on for about 2 hours. When all looked better we put her to bed and went to bed as well.(it was midnight!)
Madison woke up at about 7 am with about five bumps on her. I put cream on them and they went away.. again.
I decided to wash all her bedding and stuffed animals and pillow, I wiped down her bed with some hot water and soap. I thought all was good and what ever was getting her was gone. She laid down for her nap and slept for about an hour, when she woke she was screaming and crying. I met her half way down the stairs... (What happened next was kind of a blur.)
She was covered in these bumps her arms lags stomach face back I mean you name it it was red hot and the bumps were no longer little they were huge clusters! I got really scared! I called my mom and emailed Nathan. I told them to get here now! I got the girls dressed and in the mean time was balling my eyes out till everyone got here. It was really a horrifying moment for me!
Nathan got home and my mom got here and took Trinity. We got to the hospital and they took us right back.
Apparently it was hives, the cause is still unknown. She was breathing good and her heart was strong so they were not to worried. They gave her some liquid benadryl and told us to keep an eye out for sores in her mouth, and eyes, and pay close attention to her breathing.
She was full of energy and happy as could be so they were confident she was going to be just fine. I on the other hand am a little more sceptical. I guess that is just the protective mom in me! We came home and ate and she has been doing good. Her medicine started to wear off and sure enough they came right back! I am hoping that this is not going to be long lived. I am really worried about her and the breathing thing is going to keep me up all night. I am going to sleep on the couch with her tonight to keep an eye on her.

Please keep her in your prayers. I am praying this is short lived and that she will not have to deal with this much more. She s really uncomfortable when the medicine wears off=/
I know the Lord is watching over her and loves her very much.

I am sure this sounds like a small thing compared to what could have happened, but it was a really scary day for me for sure!!

Here is a picture of her arm and leg from this morning so if any of you have to deal with this you know what to look for and have an idea of what it might be =)

Her left leg on the back side

This is her right arm

Monday, November 3, 2008

Heidi is in Labor

*Final Update with Pictures!!*
Emily Nicole Tate was born at 3:02am she weighed 7lbs. 9oz
and was 20 3/4 inches long.
She had a full head of dark hair and big chubby cheeks!
She is beautiful. Her and Mommy are resting at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. In room 404. Please come visit and support Heidi in this great new miracle! Pictures at the bottom =)

*Fourth Update*2:55am
Heidi gave it her best effort for two hours! She tried different positions and pushing just didn't work. She is in Having a C-section as I type. I am sure Emily will be entering this world any moment. Please say a prayer for her and Trent and Emily. I will return to the Hospital tomorrow to take pictures so you can meet little miss stubborn Emily..j/k
Congrats Trent and Heidi! Heidi you did a great job, thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I love you guys!
Time for bed for me.

*Third Update* 9:55pm
So I spoke too soon! They just checked her and she is at a 9! We are going to have this baby soon! The cervix is gone and the head is way down! I am predicting Emily will be here before 11pm! Yeahhhhhh!!! Please be praying that for things to go smooth and that all will go well!
I am hoping the next post will have a picture of there sweet girl!
Bye for now ;)

*Second Update* 9:45pm
Things slowed down after the epidural! That really is to be expected, but we were hoping for her sake that things would move along a little faster. She is still in high spirits! We are having a nice time chatting, and telling our birth stories=) I will let you all know if anything changes!!

*Update* 5pm
Heidi is doing good. She just got an epidural and all is going good. She is just trying to relax now and let her body do the work. Lets hope baby Emily comes soon!!

My good friend Heidi is in labor! She called at about 1 this afternoon asking me to pick her up from the bank cuz her water broke! So I rushed to get her and we got to the Hospital and checked her in. I am in the room right now and she is doing good. They are giving her an IV as I type. They checked her and she is at a 4! So please have her in your Prayers! I will keep updating threw out the process!!

Here is a pic of her when we first got here!

Trent giving her encouraging kisses in between pushes

Trent all dressed up to go to the OR

Baby holding Mamas finger

Little miss Emily Nicole

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Maddness!!!

Lots and Lots to tell you about! We had some great Halloween fun the last couple weekends. We had a Halloween party here last Saturday went to a couple Halloween parts on Friday went Trick or Treating!! I had a blast but I am so glad it is all over with and today we relaxed all day! I even got a nap in!!!!!!
Last Saturday I had a Halloween party for the kids, we invited over my cousin Cherissa and her kids and my nephew Ryan. We played a couple games had a mini photo shoot and then decorated cookies. (Alexis and I made the cookies the night before while the boys carved pumpkins, that was a lot of fun!)
I had a party mostly because Alexis and Brandon would be spending Halloween with their Dad=( We have to switch every year. They wanted to dress up and have some fun with Madison and Trinity so a Halloween party it was! I think I will start a new tradition and have one every year. It was a lot of fun.
The night before Halloween my Kidneys started acting up really bad, I was in so much pain I threw up a couple times! I was worried it was going to ruin our plans we had for Halloween. My dad and Mom came to my rescue and let me sleep it off and watch the girls so I could go to Urgent care. I got some pain medicine and started feeling better. So we all got ready and headed to Nics Halloween party we were an hour late but we made it!!! The girls had so much fun! It was great fun, we played a funny game where you hang a doughnut from the ceiling and two people with there hands behind there backs have to get the doughnut who ever gets it off the rope wins... did I mention it is caved in whip I watched a few sets of kids do it and it was really funny then Stacie and Roy got in on the fun and then it was Hilarious!!! So Nathan and I decided we had to get in on the action so we did it. Not only did I loose I got a nice fat lip! Nathan and his big teeth!!
After the games were done we ate Pizza then headed out to do some Trick or Treating. This neighborhood was CRAZZZZZZYYYY! There were at least 10-15 kids at every door and almost every house had cool decorations. We went to about 30 houses in about 5 blocks. Madison and Trinity were so tired and ready to go, we were the first to leave but that is what happens when you have two little babies=) Madison at one point said she was done and didn't want to wear princess shoes again(they had a little heal on them) I told her that beauty is painful. She just looked at me like I was crazy so I think I will wait to have that talk again for a couple years.
On the drive home we sang songs to the girls and made the lights go on and off, they were so exhausted that we had to do this to keep them awake. If they fall asleep in the car we are screwed! They will get a second wind and be up for hours!
After the girls were in bed I got all dressed up and went to Daniels with Whitney and Kelli. Whit was an Indian and Kelli was a Go-Go dancer. I was a punk rocker Fairy. I looked retarded! But it is Halloween so oh well. We had fun it ended up being a long night cuz I was designated driver. I decided to not drink cuz of my kidneys. I think that would have been really dumb on my part. It was a late night but it was fun=)
Saturday we didn't do much cuz Nathan was sick so we hung out at home and relaxed, we did end up going for a drive to pass the time and get the girls out of the house. It was a beautiful drive I just love all the fall colors.
Today the girls went to Church with Grandma and Grandpa then went to there house for a visit. Nathan and I enjoyed the quiet! We went for a drive got some hot coffee then went to the Library. It was so nice to have a little alone time with lover face=) When we got back from the Library I took a little nap... oh how I miss naps!
We headed over to Nathans parents for Dinner after my nap. Patti made a yummy turkey! What a treat!
So there you have it, fun fun fun with family friends and kids!!! I can't wait till next year!

Ewww Pumpkin guts!!

Dig in deep!

Helping momma make cookies Alexis put flour on there faces too cute
All the kiddos
The Cool Boys!
Maddy loves her big sissy!

A bunch of pretty princess
Pretty girls
So nice of Alexis to help her sissy
Brandon was a little scaryMaking some cookies!
She loves her cookies
My pretty girl
Trinity even loved going down the stairs
KiKi loved it!

Alexis wrapping up Ryan for the mummy game
Elli is so beautiful
She loves her chips!

Go Mason!
Even the girls had a blast!
What a mess this made!

Go Stacie!!!

This was sooo funny!

Daddy and Grandpa taking the girls.
My princess
She prooly thinks that looks like her! j/k
I look scary!!

Whit & Kelli

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