Monday, November 10, 2008

Emergency Room Monday!

I first off want to say that Madison is doing good. =)
Last night Madison got out of bed a few times saying she was not feeling good. Nathan and I were still up so we let her stay up and hang out. I noticed there were little bumps on her arm and leg that looked like bug bites. She was itching them and complaining. I put some benadryl cream on them and they went away in about 30 minutes. Once they were gone a couple more popped up! I was baffled cuz she was sitting next to me and I didn't see no bugs! So more cream it was.
This went on for about 2 hours. When all looked better we put her to bed and went to bed as well.(it was midnight!)
Madison woke up at about 7 am with about five bumps on her. I put cream on them and they went away.. again.
I decided to wash all her bedding and stuffed animals and pillow, I wiped down her bed with some hot water and soap. I thought all was good and what ever was getting her was gone. She laid down for her nap and slept for about an hour, when she woke she was screaming and crying. I met her half way down the stairs... (What happened next was kind of a blur.)
She was covered in these bumps her arms lags stomach face back I mean you name it it was red hot and the bumps were no longer little they were huge clusters! I got really scared! I called my mom and emailed Nathan. I told them to get here now! I got the girls dressed and in the mean time was balling my eyes out till everyone got here. It was really a horrifying moment for me!
Nathan got home and my mom got here and took Trinity. We got to the hospital and they took us right back.
Apparently it was hives, the cause is still unknown. She was breathing good and her heart was strong so they were not to worried. They gave her some liquid benadryl and told us to keep an eye out for sores in her mouth, and eyes, and pay close attention to her breathing.
She was full of energy and happy as could be so they were confident she was going to be just fine. I on the other hand am a little more sceptical. I guess that is just the protective mom in me! We came home and ate and she has been doing good. Her medicine started to wear off and sure enough they came right back! I am hoping that this is not going to be long lived. I am really worried about her and the breathing thing is going to keep me up all night. I am going to sleep on the couch with her tonight to keep an eye on her.

Please keep her in your prayers. I am praying this is short lived and that she will not have to deal with this much more. She s really uncomfortable when the medicine wears off=/
I know the Lord is watching over her and loves her very much.

I am sure this sounds like a small thing compared to what could have happened, but it was a really scary day for me for sure!!

Here is a picture of her arm and leg from this morning so if any of you have to deal with this you know what to look for and have an idea of what it might be =)

Her left leg on the back side

This is her right arm


Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

oooh, poor thing!!! that must have been so scary. i remember what i was feeling when Isabella had her allergic reaction and i was freaked out. how is she feeling today? did she eat anything that you think made her react?

love yas!

Courtney said...

Oh poor baby! Logan is the king of rashes. He has had so many freak rashes I can't count anymore.

I hope she's feeling better.

Anonymous said...

My poor Maddie...that even scared me after all the medical weird things I have seen in my life. I was scared for my lil angel, but I knew God would watch over my princess. Thankfully she is doing well.
She is such a little trooper about things... just love her soooo much!!!

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