Monday, November 3, 2008

Heidi is in Labor

*Final Update with Pictures!!*
Emily Nicole Tate was born at 3:02am she weighed 7lbs. 9oz
and was 20 3/4 inches long.
She had a full head of dark hair and big chubby cheeks!
She is beautiful. Her and Mommy are resting at Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital. In room 404. Please come visit and support Heidi in this great new miracle! Pictures at the bottom =)

*Fourth Update*2:55am
Heidi gave it her best effort for two hours! She tried different positions and pushing just didn't work. She is in Having a C-section as I type. I am sure Emily will be entering this world any moment. Please say a prayer for her and Trent and Emily. I will return to the Hospital tomorrow to take pictures so you can meet little miss stubborn Emily..j/k
Congrats Trent and Heidi! Heidi you did a great job, thank you so much for letting me be a part of it. I love you guys!
Time for bed for me.

*Third Update* 9:55pm
So I spoke too soon! They just checked her and she is at a 9! We are going to have this baby soon! The cervix is gone and the head is way down! I am predicting Emily will be here before 11pm! Yeahhhhhh!!! Please be praying that for things to go smooth and that all will go well!
I am hoping the next post will have a picture of there sweet girl!
Bye for now ;)

*Second Update* 9:45pm
Things slowed down after the epidural! That really is to be expected, but we were hoping for her sake that things would move along a little faster. She is still in high spirits! We are having a nice time chatting, and telling our birth stories=) I will let you all know if anything changes!!

*Update* 5pm
Heidi is doing good. She just got an epidural and all is going good. She is just trying to relax now and let her body do the work. Lets hope baby Emily comes soon!!

My good friend Heidi is in labor! She called at about 1 this afternoon asking me to pick her up from the bank cuz her water broke! So I rushed to get her and we got to the Hospital and checked her in. I am in the room right now and she is doing good. They are giving her an IV as I type. They checked her and she is at a 4! So please have her in your Prayers! I will keep updating threw out the process!!

Here is a pic of her when we first got here!

Trent giving her encouraging kisses in between pushes

Trent all dressed up to go to the OR

Baby holding Mamas finger

Little miss Emily Nicole


Anonymous said...

Oh, she looks so sweet with her cute little mouth and chubby cheeks. And look at all that hair. What a tremendous blessing! And Cynthia, how wonderful that you got to be with them through it all!

Anonymous said...

Little Emily is just so beautiful!!! Congratulations to the proud parents! I am sooo happy for the 3 of you. See, God does bring beautiful blessings!
Glad you could be there with them Cynthia, the pictures are so adorable.
Momma Robyn

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