Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Maddness!!!

Lots and Lots to tell you about! We had some great Halloween fun the last couple weekends. We had a Halloween party here last Saturday went to a couple Halloween parts on Friday went Trick or Treating!! I had a blast but I am so glad it is all over with and today we relaxed all day! I even got a nap in!!!!!!
Last Saturday I had a Halloween party for the kids, we invited over my cousin Cherissa and her kids and my nephew Ryan. We played a couple games had a mini photo shoot and then decorated cookies. (Alexis and I made the cookies the night before while the boys carved pumpkins, that was a lot of fun!)
I had a party mostly because Alexis and Brandon would be spending Halloween with their Dad=( We have to switch every year. They wanted to dress up and have some fun with Madison and Trinity so a Halloween party it was! I think I will start a new tradition and have one every year. It was a lot of fun.
The night before Halloween my Kidneys started acting up really bad, I was in so much pain I threw up a couple times! I was worried it was going to ruin our plans we had for Halloween. My dad and Mom came to my rescue and let me sleep it off and watch the girls so I could go to Urgent care. I got some pain medicine and started feeling better. So we all got ready and headed to Nics Halloween party we were an hour late but we made it!!! The girls had so much fun! It was great fun, we played a funny game where you hang a doughnut from the ceiling and two people with there hands behind there backs have to get the doughnut who ever gets it off the rope wins... did I mention it is caved in whip I watched a few sets of kids do it and it was really funny then Stacie and Roy got in on the fun and then it was Hilarious!!! So Nathan and I decided we had to get in on the action so we did it. Not only did I loose I got a nice fat lip! Nathan and his big teeth!!
After the games were done we ate Pizza then headed out to do some Trick or Treating. This neighborhood was CRAZZZZZZYYYY! There were at least 10-15 kids at every door and almost every house had cool decorations. We went to about 30 houses in about 5 blocks. Madison and Trinity were so tired and ready to go, we were the first to leave but that is what happens when you have two little babies=) Madison at one point said she was done and didn't want to wear princess shoes again(they had a little heal on them) I told her that beauty is painful. She just looked at me like I was crazy so I think I will wait to have that talk again for a couple years.
On the drive home we sang songs to the girls and made the lights go on and off, they were so exhausted that we had to do this to keep them awake. If they fall asleep in the car we are screwed! They will get a second wind and be up for hours!
After the girls were in bed I got all dressed up and went to Daniels with Whitney and Kelli. Whit was an Indian and Kelli was a Go-Go dancer. I was a punk rocker Fairy. I looked retarded! But it is Halloween so oh well. We had fun it ended up being a long night cuz I was designated driver. I decided to not drink cuz of my kidneys. I think that would have been really dumb on my part. It was a late night but it was fun=)
Saturday we didn't do much cuz Nathan was sick so we hung out at home and relaxed, we did end up going for a drive to pass the time and get the girls out of the house. It was a beautiful drive I just love all the fall colors.
Today the girls went to Church with Grandma and Grandpa then went to there house for a visit. Nathan and I enjoyed the quiet! We went for a drive got some hot coffee then went to the Library. It was so nice to have a little alone time with lover face=) When we got back from the Library I took a little nap... oh how I miss naps!
We headed over to Nathans parents for Dinner after my nap. Patti made a yummy turkey! What a treat!
So there you have it, fun fun fun with family friends and kids!!! I can't wait till next year!

Ewww Pumpkin guts!!

Dig in deep!

Helping momma make cookies Alexis put flour on there faces too cute
All the kiddos
The Cool Boys!
Maddy loves her big sissy!

A bunch of pretty princess
Pretty girls
So nice of Alexis to help her sissy
Brandon was a little scaryMaking some cookies!
She loves her cookies
My pretty girl
Trinity even loved going down the stairs
KiKi loved it!

Alexis wrapping up Ryan for the mummy game
Elli is so beautiful
She loves her chips!

Go Mason!
Even the girls had a blast!
What a mess this made!

Go Stacie!!!

This was sooo funny!

Daddy and Grandpa taking the girls.
My princess
She prooly thinks that looks like her! j/k
I look scary!!

Whit & Kelli


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