Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Livin Large

Last school year my Mother in-law had told me about a group of girls at the High School who were starting a club this year. The group is called Livin Large. It is made up of about 15-20 girls. All students at Mountain View H.S. Two girls created the group to motivate, support, uplift and learn from each other. I am sure by the title you can all figure out that they are mostly plus size girls. I being a plus size woman look up to these girls so much! They all embrace who they are and are proud to be in this club!
They put together a Fashion Show, all of it! They were able to get Torrid to donate the clothes, and they organized entertainment. It was truly amazing.
So you are prolly wondering where I come into all this. Patti told me about this group for a reason(well for one she loves me) they had mentioned they needed a photographer to her. I had just got my camera and was getting in to that(you all know that story by now). Patti told them about me and that I might be interested in volunteering my time and talent. When she told me about it I was totally interested and told her to count me in!!!
The months passed and I really forgot about it. Well I was reminded and I went to a couple meetings then they had the Fashion Show last Tuesday.
All in all it was great. I was really blessed to be a part of it all. I had the opportunity to meet all the girls and participate in a couple meetings. I was able to talk to them about self esteem and confidence. It was an amazing experience! I have never been a part of something like this. I was honored and so grateful! The two presidents at the end of the show gave me a special thank you and presented me with some flowers. It was soo nice.
I have built a relationship with all these girls now and I hope to be able to inspire then and be a friend to them for a long time.


Michelle said...

I love the neon outline photo.. it looks great.

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