Friday, June 22, 2007

Alexis Graduates!!!

On Tuesday my baby girl Alexis Graduated from Elementary School.. I remember the first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday she was so little, bright eyed, and nervous. She was so excited and did so great. Now all that is so long ago. She is growing up and going to Middle School. I really can't believe it. I am so proud of her. She is a great student, she will do great.
How does time go by so fast? How does it seam to all just be starting and now it is half over? I never thought this day was going to come so fast.

I was a young mom so Middle School seems like yesterday. I have been growing up watching her grow up. I hope so much she will do great things in life. I have dreams for her that I could never do, like going to Collage. She is so smart and she has so many great talents. If you ask her now she wants to be a super star of course, but I think she will have something else in mind in a couple years.
It was so fun to see her with her friends. She is such the social butterfly(like her mom) She was running around taking pictures with all her friends. It was great. The did a slide show during the presentation and it was so fun to see her back in all the other grades it was cute.

Sometimes I feel I have missed out on a lot. I feel these are times I will never get back. I am so glad I am able to share them with her now and I am not going to miss any more. I love her.I love her more then most anything in the world. She changed me.Alexis is why I am who I am today. I will always be close to her and no one will ever be able to take that away!
I am proud of you munchkin! You are turning out to be one special girl. Never let any one bring you down stand tall and be proud of who you are and never compromise your self for anyone! Thank you for be so close to me thank you for giving me some of the best memories. Thank you for being you and making me a Mommy. =)

This is her Teacher Mrs. Hudson

Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Today was great. We celebrated Fathers day. A day where we recognize the special men in our lives who love there children with every thing in them. We started the day off just Nathan, myself and, the girls. I made a big breakfast. Nathans favorite of course. Then we all played together and relaxed. Then we went to visit Nathans Family and celebrate with them. We had dessert, a fabulous angel food cake roll with strawberries Patti made! It was sooo yummy!

I grew up not really knowing what a real dad was. My Father has been in and out of my life all my life. I never knew till I met Tennis what a real man was. He loves his children and family so much. He has a passion for them that is so warming to the heart. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. He has been a great example to Nathan. Nathan loves his girls so much. He loves kids in general but there is nothing like seeing your baby girl run to him when he walks in the door screaming dada dada!!! They have a great relationship and I am so excited to see it grow. I guess I will get see threw him being a father to my girls what it would have been to have a good dad growing up. I am so thankful for what I have and even tho we can some times take it for granted it is days like yesterday that remind us we are truly blessed to have Family... Moms, Dads, Husbands, Wives. & Children... Life is good.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trinity trys cereal...

I have decided it is time to introduce cereal to Trinity. She is four months old now. I started giving Maddy food sooner but I waited with Trinity because she was a preemie. So we gave her some baby oatmeal cereal the other night. It was funny. She wasn't sure what to think. Nathan held her and I fed her. It was fun. She did real good and ate it all. She slept really good that night too.... so I am thinking I am going to be giving it to her all the time.... =)

Muddy Girl!

Nathan loves to let Maddy play outside. He will let her do most anything she wants. She loves it. I was gone the other day for a couple hours and Maddy stayed home with Daddy. When I came home she was a mess! She had her boots on and was playing in the muddy water.
It was so cute! She loves to get dirty and muddy. She was splashing and kicking and sitting in the mud. I think she was having the time of her life, you be the judge!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spring Program

Tonight Alexis had her Spring program at her school. They sang songs, some old, some new. She played the violin! She did great.

After the program she got to show off the project she had been working on all year. It was a state projet. She chose New York.

She worked long and hard on this. I helped some and my mom helped some too. I am so pround of her she did a great job! I will let you know how she did when we get the grade from her teacher. She is growing up so fast! It has made me realize I have so much more to look foward to with all the kids. Even the one that is not here (no I am not pregnant we just plan to have one more later)

I got to take some cute pictures with her friends. I am glad since the year is almost over and who knows if she will be going to the same middle school as they do.

Bath Time Fun!

Maddy loves the bath! My camera has been broke so I have not been able to take any pictures of her lately. I was so excited last night to take some of her and Trinity. I have no pictures of Trinity in the bath at all. It was fun. Nathan my mom and I were all in the bath room. It is a small bath room but we all had to watch the funny girl splash around! When she was done it was Trinity's turn. Most babies cry when they get a bath, but Trinity loves it. She will cry when I take her out. How fun bath time is!!!

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