Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Spring Program

Tonight Alexis had her Spring program at her school. They sang songs, some old, some new. She played the violin! She did great.

After the program she got to show off the project she had been working on all year. It was a state projet. She chose New York.

She worked long and hard on this. I helped some and my mom helped some too. I am so pround of her she did a great job! I will let you know how she did when we get the grade from her teacher. She is growing up so fast! It has made me realize I have so much more to look foward to with all the kids. Even the one that is not here (no I am not pregnant we just plan to have one more later)

I got to take some cute pictures with her friends. I am glad since the year is almost over and who knows if she will be going to the same middle school as they do.


Courtney said...

You look beautiful Alexis! Aaron played an instrument this year too. He played the clarinet.

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