Friday, March 27, 2009

In Utah!! Hurrican, Utah

We are in Utah! We arrived today a little later then we wanted but we are here! We Checked in our Hotel got freshened up and headed right over to see our Grandparents. We were all really tired but got a second wind knowing we would see our family soon.

We arrived and introduced grand kids to great grandparents for the first time and some for the second. It is crazy to think two people who mean so much to me never have had the chance to meet my children a huge part of me. Well now I can close that chapter and open a new one!

I am missing the Hubby and my little munchkins!! I know they are in good hands and I will see them soon there is just something weird about being so far away from the people you love most in life!!!

We are headed to Zion National park tomorrow and more visiting with our Family=)

I am exhausted after driving for so long I am hitting the pillow!! Next time I will have pictures to show you!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Goonies

"Hey youuuuuu Guuuuuys" lol

There is nothing like an 80's movie to take you back to your childhood. Is is crazy that a movie can still be popular 24 years later. My kids love it.. my little kids, Madison who is three has watched it 5 times this weekend. I just love the pirate ship, the maps, the boobie traps and we can't forget the Truffle It is just a really great movie, a classic. I am sure that my grand kids will love it too.
So if you want a blast back to your past just sit and watch this it will make you feel like a little kid all over again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Be Thou a Knight The GIGANTIC Giveaway...

In an effort to raise money to help them conceive a child Lianna Knight and her Husband have came up with extraordinary ways to raise money for there cause. Visit her Blog for all details and help this Christian woman fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.


Hold on to your hats...this is going to be good :)

Here are a few Pictures of some of the stuff they are giving away check out the blog for all the details...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Natalie's Sentiments/Paisley Lane Giveaway

Natalie's Sentiment's is a great place to visit any day of the week, today especially! She is giving away some jewelry from her own line. She hand makes each piece!
I love reading her blog and suggest you become a follower, she has great crafty ideas and she always has a bright out look on things. She is expecting her second child this June, a baby boy so she is forces to make her studio into a Baby Boy Nursery. Her and Shane already have one beautiful Daughter Lydia Jane and let me tell you this this girl is precious and beautiful!! I can't wait to see how cute the little man is going to be. A baby boy will be a great addition to this already beautiful family.

Go here to enter.

There are 4 ways to enter:

· Take a look at the Paisley Lane store and list one or two of your favorite pieces. This will give her an idea of your style if you are the winner.
· For an extra entry, let her know that you are a subscriber/follower of Natalie's Sentiments in a separate comment.
· For an additional 3 entries mention this giveaway on your blog and let me know that you have done so in a separate comment. (She will factor the additional two entries in or you can mention it in three separate comments.)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need your opinion

I was just having a little fun editing some pictures in Photoshop, and I came across this picture. I love this picture so much she just looks magical! I just can not decide if I like it in Color or Black and White.

What do you think???




Monday, March 16, 2009

The curse... oh how I hate it!!!

Us women all have it.. that time of the month when your hormones are on crack and you can't get a grip on life! I am loosing my mind right now. Everything is driving me crazy, noise, needing to go grocery shopping, my two year old who is smack in the middle of the terrible twos. I just need a break... a moment of silence a hot bath something gosh anything to make the anxiety go away from my brain!!!

The weekend for me is always a time to gather my self. To recoup from the mess of a week I have had. It is not always a bad week but last week was a dozy! I know I have no one to blame but my self. I have no patience, I am edgy and I just want to run to greyhound and catch the next bus to nowheresville!

This weekend was long and screaming kid filled.(so no recouping for me) I had a birthday party for my son on Saturday with a few of the boys staying the night the night before. I should plans these things the week after the curse not the week before, I will be sure to make a note to self. It is quit sad because it is hard for me to enjoy the day, a day that should be special and happy but for me was annoying and I wanted to cry.. well I did later that night for like and hour. I had a complete emotional cup over flowing crazy moment. It did me good but left me even more exhausted then I was before. Then Sunday Nathan went shooting and that just made it worse because that meant no break...
The point of this post... well I don't know really I just need someone to listen. It is good to make this a place where I can really be me good or bad or emotional.

I guess what I am really trying to say is I need a weekend and fast! A quiet do nothing but lay in Pj's and make pancakes weekend. Too bad that won't happen for like three more weekends. Life is life good and bad and for the most part I would say 90% is great it is just that 10% that sure can put a funk in your life and somehow it has stuck around longer this month then usual.

Writing this helped shake it off a little, thanks for listening. I am going to go try to remember to breath.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Two baby boys

I had the pleasure of taking pictures of two cute baby boys this week. One was 5 weeks, Shannon and one was four months, Trey. They both so adorable and special in there own way. Working with babies gives me that flutter in my tummy, you know the one that makes your "Clock" go off like a raging alarm in a cartoon! I have to fight back the fluttering of the clock.
Me no want no babies for a long time!!!

Meet Baby Boy Shannon..

Meet baby Boy Trey..

So glad I get to enjoy these little guys with out having to do the hard stuff=D


Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Madison

I just want to send out a big hug to all of you who were praying for Madison. She is almost healed! Friday night she really started to fell better. I gave her an oatmeal bath and put buckets of eucerin cream on her and she slept all night with no problem. Saturday she woke up looking a lot better and now Monday her face is pretty much healed! She does have a faint peach tone where the sores where but for the most part you can't even tell anything was wrong.

I just want to tell you all how much you mean to me and the love I felt from you and your prayers was overwhelming. I truly love each of you.

The Lord is so great. I am not great at writing or lifting him up the way he deserves. He fills my heart with so much love and faith. I wish I could properly explain to all of you how I feel. I just know he lives and he loves all of us. He listened to all your prayers and he blessed Madison with a fast recovery. I praise him and lift him up. I love the Lord and hope that everyone that reads this that doesn't have a relationship with God would consider trying, it is the most fulfilling thing in my life and I just wish everyone could feel this way.

Thanks you all again!


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