Friday, March 27, 2009

In Utah!! Hurrican, Utah

We are in Utah! We arrived today a little later then we wanted but we are here! We Checked in our Hotel got freshened up and headed right over to see our Grandparents. We were all really tired but got a second wind knowing we would see our family soon.

We arrived and introduced grand kids to great grandparents for the first time and some for the second. It is crazy to think two people who mean so much to me never have had the chance to meet my children a huge part of me. Well now I can close that chapter and open a new one!

I am missing the Hubby and my little munchkins!! I know they are in good hands and I will see them soon there is just something weird about being so far away from the people you love most in life!!!

We are headed to Zion National park tomorrow and more visiting with our Family=)

I am exhausted after driving for so long I am hitting the pillow!! Next time I will have pictures to show you!!!


patti said...

Glad to hear that you all are having a fun and meaningful time. We love your hubby and lil' munchkins and will see them again tomorrow. Be safe and have fun.

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