Monday, December 29, 2008

So sad!

I have horrible news! I am sure you will all think it is silly, or maybe you will feel a little bad for me???
Both of my lenses for my camera got broken! Both of them!!!! No one will confess to braking them, or even knowing what happened... If I were them and knew me I don't think I would tell on my self either!
I am lucky that when I got the camera I was smart to buy a lifetime Warranty. If I wouldn't have I think I would have locked my self in the closet and balled! (for a few days)
I will get my camera back in a month, I was shocked it was going to take that long! So no pictures for awhile. But I am getting the actual camera cleaned, which I have been putting off for quit some time. So that will be one good thing that comes out of this!
I did have a cute pink Olympus that my lovely Daughter Alexis lost! Geez do I have bad luck with cameras or what!!!
I will try my best to blog, but it will be really hard with no pictures so I may be absent for the next month. I send my apologies now.
Oh and btw it happened the day before Christmas eve, so no pictures!!!!!!! Gurrr

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well it snowed and snowed and snowed...

and it hasn't stopped! There is a thick layer of ice on the snow now too. It is a winter wonder land out there! I love it so much! Nathan does too, we always hope for this kind of storm every year, but it never happens. We walked to the store today and it was a great time. There weren't too many people driving but a lot more then I thought would be. More people were walking then driving. The weather man is saying this is going to be sticking around for a few more days so we are crossing our fingers for a white Christmas.

Enjoy a couple pics from the last couple days.
The van on the first day of really good snow.
The tree house on the first day

Hahahah the hammock!

My little Kia almost completely buried in snow!
Check out that icicle!!
Nathan keeping us warm.
This was the van a couple hours ago.

A little bush covered in snow!
The icicles on Nathan truck
The back yard after two days of snow and ice

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!

Nothing is more beautiful in the winter than bright white snow first thing in the morning. I woke up to snow the last few days, and it has been great.
It has been snowing off and on, melting, snowing... melting and snowing some more for about three days. Today was the first day there was enough to really play in. So I bundled up the little ones and grabbed my camera and out we went. Alexis and Brandon didn't have school today so we were able to get in some good Family fun time! They all had a blast! The big kids and Nathan had a snow ball fight of course! Madison and Trinity had a great time. Madison started playing with the snow as soon as she walked outside and in about ten minutes was screaming crying that her hands hurt. So I took her back in and sat her in front of the heater. She sat there for a little bit until I found her gloves, then she was ready to go back outside. Trinity didn't have a problem with the snow at all, she was having a great time! But toward the end you could tell she was ready to go back inside.
The big kids sure kept us entertained. They had a really great snow ball fight with Nathan. It was really funny they were slipping and falling on their bums, getting plowed in the face and freezing but they were living it up!! I got some really great pictures; you can just tell they were having a good time.
We stayed outside for about an hour then called it quits. The snow started to melt at about 2 and was almost gone by 5, but then it all came back by 8:30 it has continued to show off and on and is just beautiful outside. I really am praying for a white Christmas!!! Keep your fingers crossed!
The kids went to a Christmas party at 5 and got back here just in time to go back outside and enjoy the snow some more. There were ac couple boys outside and Brandon asked if they wanted to have a snow ball fight. Well, no doubt they said yes and I am happy to say they made couple new friends that live right across the street. One boy is the same age as Brandon! How great that will be for him to have a new friend in the neighborhood! I am really happy for him=)
Here are some pics from today, Enjoy!
Brandon running from Nathan
It looks all blustery
Cute Trin
Alexis and Maddy making a snowman
Catching snow on her toung
She is so beautiful
I think she like the way it tastes
ohhh she got him good!
He got her right
They were having a great time!
Trinity is a Daddys girl for sure.
She was cracking up cuz she fell on her bum for the tenth time!
At it again.
Our wood pile is depleting fast!!

Little Miss Maddy turns 3

My little Madison had her third Birthday last Saturday the 13th. It was to be an Under The Sea extravaganza! I had decorated the night before and everything was in place. Madison went right to bed knowing she would wake up and have a great party.
It is a sad sad thing to have your baby wake up and be super sick on her Birthday! She had a temp of 103.9!! He voice was horse and her cheeks bright red. She came in my room crying "Mommy I so sick" =(
I have to say this day was doomed from the start! I woke up with the worst migraine. I even got sick because of it. I didn't wake up in time to get her balloons or pick up the pizza & cake!
Nathan let me sleep for a little bit after I took some Ibuprofen. The party was going to start at noon and I woke up at 12:15 to my mother in laws I jumped out of bed and looked at my phone! I was thinking oh noooo why today do we have to feel like this!
Even if we were not feeling well I wasn't going to let my baby have a crappy day! So I gave her Tylenol and I sucked it up! I told everyone it would be a short party but it would be fun!!! Daniel went and got pizza and Nathan got the cake. I started the games, while Maddy sat on Gamas lap and observed everyone playing around her. Even tho she was sick she was being as sweet as ever. It was really cute. Once the Tylenol kicked in she livened up a bit and joined in on some of the fun.
I moved things along quickly, we did games, opened presents, had pizza, did the cake and then said our goodbyes. It was short compared to the parties we usually throw but she was happy and had a good time. When everyone left she laid down for her nap and slept for four hours!! She was only sick for a couple days and is feeling much better now.
I hope her next Birthday she will be feeling better then this one!
My pretty little Mermaid
Pin the crown on Ariel

The cake
The set up
So excited!!!She got a Cinderella doll!
Make a wish

My little monster!


Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I am really loving my tree this year! The kids mostly decorated it, I will admit I am a decoration control freak... so letting them decorate it was a little hard for me but I am trying to work on my control issues. ;)
I have to say that is was nice and went well. I like structure, perfection and time lines, in the last couple months I have tried to let it all go. I think there is more to life then trying to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible..right?? It is all about the kids and making sure they have fun. They loved all of Nathans old ornaments. Patti gave us all of Nathans ornaments she had made and bought over his child years. It is so sweet to see all the cute ones she made. They all have a year on them. I wish I could find the time to make stuff like that!! Maybe when we move to Iowa???
Anyway it was great fun. I even played Christmas music! When it was all done and most of the decorations where on the bottom half of the tree I just giggled inside and thought it looks great..... then I fixed it and added some to the top half of the tree. Here are some pics of the Tree and some decorations around the house.
The most important thing to remember..Jesus
What Nathan would rather be
Table center piece.I love this one.. Congrats on our new baby..2005

Alexis got this when she was 10. It is still her favorite.
Snowman house.

My favorite.

Daniel and Uncle D playing around.

The End =D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Kick off to Christmas

Yesterday we ventured off to Thornton's Tree Farm to get us a Christmas tree. It is a little tradition we started our first Christmas married to go with Nathan's parents to the tree farm. Last year we got to share it with Tracie and Ricky, they were here for Thanksgiving and Christmas because Tracie was pregnant with Isa. It was a great couple months!
I kinda went off track a little.. so anyway we went and found a tree, pet and feed the animals and drank some hot coca. The kids had a great time. Madison and Trinity were so excited over the animals. They both loved feeding them, Madison was running around petting all of them, luckily Gama was there to help=) It was lots of fun.
It is a nice little farm=)
Here are some pics. Enjoy!
Madison had to push sissy!

It was a beautiful day!

Madison watching Daddy.
Brandon wanted to try too.
My beautiful baby.
Then Madison had to get in on the cutting action.
examining the trunk
Carrying the tree away.
Grandpa cutting down his tree.
Madison loving the animals Trinity is so happy!
Ryan had fun feeding the animals too
Madison looking at baby Jesus
Me and Lexi
I don't know what was going on but it is funny!!
Brandon and Uncle D playing around.


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