Sunday, December 21, 2008

Well it snowed and snowed and snowed...

and it hasn't stopped! There is a thick layer of ice on the snow now too. It is a winter wonder land out there! I love it so much! Nathan does too, we always hope for this kind of storm every year, but it never happens. We walked to the store today and it was a great time. There weren't too many people driving but a lot more then I thought would be. More people were walking then driving. The weather man is saying this is going to be sticking around for a few more days so we are crossing our fingers for a white Christmas.

Enjoy a couple pics from the last couple days.
The van on the first day of really good snow.
The tree house on the first day

Hahahah the hammock!

My little Kia almost completely buried in snow!
Check out that icicle!!
Nathan keeping us warm.
This was the van a couple hours ago.

A little bush covered in snow!
The icicles on Nathan truck
The back yard after two days of snow and ice


Patti Heuton said...

Lookin' Good! Are you guys keeping warm enough? It's hanging around 20 degrees, isn't it. And more snow today!

Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

wow!! merry christmas you guys! how awesome you had a white christmas..... glad you stayed warm.

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