Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!!!

Nothing is more beautiful in the winter than bright white snow first thing in the morning. I woke up to snow the last few days, and it has been great.
It has been snowing off and on, melting, snowing... melting and snowing some more for about three days. Today was the first day there was enough to really play in. So I bundled up the little ones and grabbed my camera and out we went. Alexis and Brandon didn't have school today so we were able to get in some good Family fun time! They all had a blast! The big kids and Nathan had a snow ball fight of course! Madison and Trinity had a great time. Madison started playing with the snow as soon as she walked outside and in about ten minutes was screaming crying that her hands hurt. So I took her back in and sat her in front of the heater. She sat there for a little bit until I found her gloves, then she was ready to go back outside. Trinity didn't have a problem with the snow at all, she was having a great time! But toward the end you could tell she was ready to go back inside.
The big kids sure kept us entertained. They had a really great snow ball fight with Nathan. It was really funny they were slipping and falling on their bums, getting plowed in the face and freezing but they were living it up!! I got some really great pictures; you can just tell they were having a good time.
We stayed outside for about an hour then called it quits. The snow started to melt at about 2 and was almost gone by 5, but then it all came back by 8:30 it has continued to show off and on and is just beautiful outside. I really am praying for a white Christmas!!! Keep your fingers crossed!
The kids went to a Christmas party at 5 and got back here just in time to go back outside and enjoy the snow some more. There were ac couple boys outside and Brandon asked if they wanted to have a snow ball fight. Well, no doubt they said yes and I am happy to say they made couple new friends that live right across the street. One boy is the same age as Brandon! How great that will be for him to have a new friend in the neighborhood! I am really happy for him=)
Here are some pics from today, Enjoy!
Brandon running from Nathan
It looks all blustery
Cute Trin
Alexis and Maddy making a snowman
Catching snow on her toung
She is so beautiful
I think she like the way it tastes
ohhh she got him good!
He got her right
They were having a great time!
Trinity is a Daddys girl for sure.
She was cracking up cuz she fell on her bum for the tenth time!
At it again.
Our wood pile is depleting fast!!


Patti Heuton said...

What fun!! I wish you all still lived in our neighborhood! Thanks for the pics; I almost feel as though I was there in the rough of it! And today the snow is really coming down! So there will be plenty of fresh snow to play in.

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