Saturday, December 20, 2008

Little Miss Maddy turns 3

My little Madison had her third Birthday last Saturday the 13th. It was to be an Under The Sea extravaganza! I had decorated the night before and everything was in place. Madison went right to bed knowing she would wake up and have a great party.
It is a sad sad thing to have your baby wake up and be super sick on her Birthday! She had a temp of 103.9!! He voice was horse and her cheeks bright red. She came in my room crying "Mommy I so sick" =(
I have to say this day was doomed from the start! I woke up with the worst migraine. I even got sick because of it. I didn't wake up in time to get her balloons or pick up the pizza & cake!
Nathan let me sleep for a little bit after I took some Ibuprofen. The party was going to start at noon and I woke up at 12:15 to my mother in laws I jumped out of bed and looked at my phone! I was thinking oh noooo why today do we have to feel like this!
Even if we were not feeling well I wasn't going to let my baby have a crappy day! So I gave her Tylenol and I sucked it up! I told everyone it would be a short party but it would be fun!!! Daniel went and got pizza and Nathan got the cake. I started the games, while Maddy sat on Gamas lap and observed everyone playing around her. Even tho she was sick she was being as sweet as ever. It was really cute. Once the Tylenol kicked in she livened up a bit and joined in on some of the fun.
I moved things along quickly, we did games, opened presents, had pizza, did the cake and then said our goodbyes. It was short compared to the parties we usually throw but she was happy and had a good time. When everyone left she laid down for her nap and slept for four hours!! She was only sick for a couple days and is feeling much better now.
I hope her next Birthday she will be feeling better then this one!
My pretty little Mermaid
Pin the crown on Ariel

The cake
The set up
So excited!!!She got a Cinderella doll!
Make a wish

My little monster!



Patti Heuton said...

Little Miss Maddy was so sweet-natured on her birthday, though she was suffering with a high fever. I'm glad she had fun and with the pictures will remember it for years to come. She may grow to regret taking off her mermaid costume before blowing out her candles though! Hee Hee - Oh to be THREE!

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