Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

I am really loving my tree this year! The kids mostly decorated it, I will admit I am a decoration control freak... so letting them decorate it was a little hard for me but I am trying to work on my control issues. ;)
I have to say that is was nice and went well. I like structure, perfection and time lines, in the last couple months I have tried to let it all go. I think there is more to life then trying to make sure everything is as close to perfect as possible..right?? It is all about the kids and making sure they have fun. They loved all of Nathans old ornaments. Patti gave us all of Nathans ornaments she had made and bought over his child years. It is so sweet to see all the cute ones she made. They all have a year on them. I wish I could find the time to make stuff like that!! Maybe when we move to Iowa???
Anyway it was great fun. I even played Christmas music! When it was all done and most of the decorations where on the bottom half of the tree I just giggled inside and thought it looks great..... then I fixed it and added some to the top half of the tree. Here are some pics of the Tree and some decorations around the house.
The most important thing to remember..Jesus
What Nathan would rather be
Table center piece.I love this one.. Congrats on our new baby..2005

Alexis got this when she was 10. It is still her favorite.
Snowman house.

My favorite.

Daniel and Uncle D playing around.

The End =D


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