Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve

This year we stayed home and had friends and family over. I made way to much food and some really good drinks! We played the Wii had some good conversation and the kids played like crazy! I was so tired I almost didn't make it to midnight! The kids banged on pots and pans and we lit off some fireworks. They loved it!
Happy 2011!!

Farewell Dinner For Gabe

Gabe spent his last few days before basic training visiting and hugging all of us. You could tell he was starting to really realize what he would be missing once he was gone.
He has started a new adventure in his life one that will take him many places and give him many great opportunities. He will be missed and already is. We spent one of his last days at home enjoying the Crab Daddy Feast at Joe's Crab shack. We had a great time reminiscing about the past and all of the great memories we have of Gabe.


The weather has been really cold here a few mornings we woke up to everything covered in frost it was quite beautiful.

I just threw this one in, it is of the wreath we hung on our door this year. I just love these colors but decided I will not be using them for Christmas again. It just doesn't have enough Christmas feel to it.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our home to yours.

Christmas Cookie Making

This year we went to my moms to bake some cookies and treats. I usually just do this at home but our oven is broke. We hope to be out of this house soon so we have not fixed it. It has been difficult trying to come up with recipes using just a skillet to feed the entire family but some how I have managed. The only time I got really annoyed was before Christmas when I wanted to do my baking. But going to Nana's worked out great. The girls had so much fun decorating the cookies and Alexis did a great job helping and coming up with ideas. We baked for about four hours! It was a lot of fun I love building memories like this. I hope I am baking cookies with these ladies for many many years!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Face Photo From 2010 {I heart faces}

This is a great way to kick off the new year! Over at I heart faces they are picking the best face of 2010. We will all have a chance to vote for our favorites!! I originally posted this picture for a smile challenge back in April. I love her smile and I love that face!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Madison Leigh turns 5!

We had a small party for Madison on her birthday. Just cake and a trip to ChuckeCheese. She had the big summer party in July to celebrate so this was just a day to do a little something to make her feel special. We went and played with Ryan and Jaden for a couple hours at ChuckeChees. She had a blast! She danced in front of the camera a lot! She loved seeing her self on TV! It was really cute. We had pizza and salad then came home for some cake. She had a nice time and I am glad she understood about the half birthday party and was ok with only getting one present. She is such a big girl and I love her so so much. Madison and I have a special bond I am not sure what it is exactly but she seems to prefer me over others she always wants to be with me and she comes and sleeps with me every night. She is an amazing little person! I am truly blessed to be her Mommy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Traditions

Every year for the last five years we have made a trip to Thornton's Tree farm to cut down our Christmas tree. It is something we love to do and the kids enjoy it so much. They have animals, hot cocoa, hay rides and the most beautiful trees. It never takes us long to find one. This year Madison picked our tree out. it is one fat tree!! It was a little tall but we made it work. I love the smell of a fresh tree! I have thought about getting a fake one and I just can't bring my self to do it! Here are a few pictures of our fun day!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mod monkey party for Jacob!

My baby boy turned one on November 25, Thanksgiving! It was bitter sweet. The first birthday is such a huge milestone yet I was a little sad it came so fast. I was hoping he would be a baby for so much longer! I will never again have another baby turning one, never have a baby crawl for the first time walk for the first time. It made me a little sad but i was so excited at the same time. I really enjoyed his party and watching him eat his cupcake. He is such a joy to me and I am so in love with him! I am excited to watch him grow into a toddler little boy teen and a man. I hope he stays close to me always!
Happy Birthday baby boy! Momma loves you!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexis

That's right, today my first born is turning 15! I really cannot believe it. It only seems like yesterday I was in the hospital in awe of her. She was so small and tan with thick brown hair she smelled sweet her big brown eyes staring at me. I remember thinking this little person is mine I am her Mommy she is going to love me for the rest of her life, and I her. I made her I created life inside of me. I was so young and did not know what I was getting into, it was all so new and exciting and scary. I fell in love with her and I have been every since. She has brought me so much joy and happiness. People ask me if I could change being a teen mom would I do things different, and I honestly have to say no that would mean I would not have her and she is everything to me. Alexis is why I am who I am it was my path to be on and the life I was given and I am ok with that in fact I am happy about it. It may not have been ideal or the best thing for me. No child should give birth to a child. You miss out on important things and you grow up fast but to me 15 years later it was worth missing out on things, which next to Alexis were not important at all. She is what was important she was my path. I would walk it a million times over because it brought her to me. I get to teach her how to be a strong independent woman to value herself to not let a boy take advantage of her in any way, that she is scaried her mind body and spirit. I have done my best to make sure she has a childhood that she finishes school and most importantly she lives her life walking with God.
The next few years will be amazing watching her grow and follow her dreams. I cannot wait till some day we are sitting in her living room with her children talking about life and loving every minute of being a part of it together.

Happy Birthday Alexis Kate! You are my sunshine on a dark day and my baby forever. I will always love you and support you in all you do!

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