Thursday, May 31, 2007

Maddy Loves The Water!!!

Today was Maddy's first day in a kiddy pool. She loved it she played for hours! At first she was not sure why there was a big thing of water out side she kept saying ba.. ba.. that is her word for Bath. I had to explain over and over no swim. She would not sit down for a long time. I had to get in the pool with her and show her it was ok. She was so cute! I love this age. here is so much to teach kids. There are so many new things for them to experience. Being a mom is truly the best job ever!

Also want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY GABE!!!! Wow your 15! I remember when you were 8. I hope yo
u had a great day buddy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Our First blog!

Hello! I decided to start a blog to give everyone an inside look on how our family is growing, how the kids are doing and just what is going on in our lives. =)

Well this is us. Nathan and I met seven years ago and we have been best friends every since. We got married in August 2005. It was the best day of my life! Since then we have had two beautiful girls, Madison Leigh and Trinity Elizabeth. Madison is 17 months, and Trinity is 3 months. They are so much fun and bring so much joy to our lives. I have two other kids, Alexis is 11, and Brandon is 8.

This is Maddy and Trinity.
I am excited to watch them grow. I have no sisters so I am looking forward to having two girls so close in age. I am praying they are close and get along well.
Maddy is our crazy child. She is wild, and has a stubborn little attitude. She is a tom boy, and not afraid of most anything. She is so much fun! She just started to talk more. She is getting really god at saying names, making animal sounds, she does a little sign language, she can do more, and sometimes she will do thank you. It is a wonderful feeling when you can teach them some thing and then they use it. I love being able to communicate with her. I can tell her to get her shoes so we can go Bye bye and she will go get her shoes. Nathan told her to wash her feet the other day and she bent over and wiped her feet it was so cute. Trinity is starting to push her self around. If I put her on the floor she will be across the room in ten
minutes. She seems to have a calmer disposition about her then Maddy. She is starting to laugh more and she smiles all the time. She is so cute I love having a little baby. It can sometimes be hard with two little babies, but in a year they will be able to play and entertain each other.

This is Alexis and Brandon. They are growing fast. It seems like just yesterday they were as little as Maddy. Alexis is going to be going in to Jr. High after the summer! Wow that is crazy. I love my Alexis so much. I was young when I had her and she really changed my life. I am lucky to have her. She is just like me in every way. She is very much a girly girl. She like to dress up, wear make up,(won't be letting her do that much longer) do her hair cute. She is my mini Brandon is very special too... he is the only boy. He is so sweet, and loving, and affectionate. He loves Soccer and basketball. He is going to be going in the third grad next year. I am so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life.
I will be adding more pictures and updating this as often as I can.

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