Monday, December 29, 2008

So sad!

I have horrible news! I am sure you will all think it is silly, or maybe you will feel a little bad for me???
Both of my lenses for my camera got broken! Both of them!!!! No one will confess to braking them, or even knowing what happened... If I were them and knew me I don't think I would tell on my self either!
I am lucky that when I got the camera I was smart to buy a lifetime Warranty. If I wouldn't have I think I would have locked my self in the closet and balled! (for a few days)
I will get my camera back in a month, I was shocked it was going to take that long! So no pictures for awhile. But I am getting the actual camera cleaned, which I have been putting off for quit some time. So that will be one good thing that comes out of this!
I did have a cute pink Olympus that my lovely Daughter Alexis lost! Geez do I have bad luck with cameras or what!!!
I will try my best to blog, but it will be really hard with no pictures so I may be absent for the next month. I send my apologies now.
Oh and btw it happened the day before Christmas eve, so no pictures!!!!!!! Gurrr


Patti Heuton said...

What a BUMMER!! I'll miss your pics, too! We'll see if we can come up with a few from our little 'ol inferior camera to share with you. Glad you aren't just OUT and that you'll be getting your camera back in good shape eventually. But it will be a LONG month! Love you!

Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

omg, that is so sad!!! i understand your pain cause I love my camera and its not even as nice or expensive as yours... and i love taking pictures too, so being deprived of that sure isn't fun! i'm glad for you that you got the warranty. im the sort of person who doesn't get warranties and this made me think twice.... haha.

Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

i miss you by the way!! i can't wait till august....

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