Sunday, January 11, 2009


Is that even a word?? Oh well if it isn't!
I have been missing blogging, I miss rambling on to the imaginary huge audience of people who care about my blog. I fill a little void in my heart when I let "everyone" know how my family is doing and what what we have been up too. I appreciate the people who do read this blog and love you so very much for doing so.

I read random blogs every day, and I have a bunch of peoples blogs I read when ever they update and then follow the links on there page to other cool bloggers. It is safe to say it is my new addiction. I am so fascinated by all the normality in the people who blog. They are not famous or super rich or anything more then normal, relatable and inspirational!

I always wish I did have something better say on here. Something worth more then just.. just a family update or more pictures of my kids. Not that I don't love what I write about! I just feel there is a lot more to me and my thoughts and what goes on in my head as a Mother and Wife. I want to be able to tell people about it in a way that is normal, relatable and more then any thing inspirational! So if any of you have any suggestions I am all ears.

Lately I have been feeling a little umm well i don't really know, I guess just different. I think I can best describe it as a growing up feeling. I am trying to be more of a Mom and a Wife and less of a... I don't ever want to grow up cuz I am scared to death of being an un-cool chick. Or at least something like that. lol!
I just want to love life more and have really great experiences in this life. I want to connect with people, make new friends continue to be inspired and brought to tears by the amazing people that are out there in blog land.
I hope you all will see a change in me and my writing. I am going to make a effort to make small changes to help me grow up a little and remember to take a deep breath and just live this life because it is mine to live.

This is my passion

This is where I shop

This is what the little girl in me wants for her Birthday
This is where I will live in about 5 years
This made me laugh
This is an awesome artist

This is what I should be doing!
This is my obession!
This is what I am watching right now.

This caught my eye.
This is me.


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