Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Need your opinion

I was just having a little fun editing some pictures in Photoshop, and I came across this picture. I love this picture so much she just looks magical! I just can not decide if I like it in Color or Black and White.

What do you think???





patti said...

I kept going back and forth between the color and the black and white photo. Both are beautiful. But if I have to vote, and it looks like I do, I vote for the color. Did you enhance her eyes or are they really that blue!

Courtney said...

My vote goes for color too because her eye are just stunning!

Both are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

thats my baby Maddie, those eyes are the most beautiful in the color to see her blue eye color, and black and white for the drama look.

Ricky and Tracie said...

I go for black and white, but keep the eyes blue!!

love the pic, she is such a doll!

Cynthia said...

Good Idea Tracie! I should have thought of that!!!!

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