Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Arizona Trip

Due to the huge update I waited to post this so it would be it's very own.

I took a trip mid September to visit one of my best friends Josie. I wanted to meet her new baby and spend some time with her. I had expected to see her and Mike this summer for her baby shower I was throwing. Things quickly changed when Josie had been feeling light headed and started having a hard time breathing. She quickly went to the ER and they ran some test on her. She found out she had severe Preeclampsia. The Dr. told her if she would have waited even a few more hours she and the baby would have died. Most the time severe levels are at 5,000, Josie was at 20,000!! She was rushed in and given a C-Section. Gabe weighed 1lb 14oz! he was tiny. He was in the Neonatal intensive-care unit for a little over three months. During that time he had heart surgery and fought off a couple infections. He is now home growing fast and thriving. What a small little miracle he is!!

We did some shopping, swimming, a lot of good eating! And some good talking while I was there. The four days went by way to fast!! I hope I get to see her again soon I already miss her tons!!

These first two pictures were at one of my favorite restaurants thought one was cool and the other was super funny!!


Josie and Gabe in the pool

My Yummy drink!


Josie at In n Out burger

after a few drinks at the pool

On my way home =(

Family Pics


Cynthia said...
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patti said...

After such a scare it is wonderful to see little Gabriel and how well he is growing! Congratulations to Josiane and Mike! I'm so glad you got to go and spend time with them to get to know little Gabriel.

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