Monday, January 25, 2010

Pray for Cusco, Peru!!

This is a link to my Sister in laws blog. Her husband and she are missionaries here; they need you prayers and support! They are out of the country right now about to have a baby, but planning to return soon. Their home is in Cusco and the church they run. Please pray for the city and the members of Tracies and Ricky’s church they have over 150 children!

Nathan and I made a trip back in 2006 with our then 8 month old Madison. The towns they talk about we have been to and experienced, these small towns are already poverty stricken and have little resources. The train on the way to Mach Pichu is lined with tiny shacks with dirt floors no glass on the windows and people live in them. I just cannot imagine the devastation that has occurred! My heart hurts for them and my Prayers will be strong for them! Please pray as well!

I will keep this blog updated as I hear news!

Here Nathan is on Machu Picchu

This is the valley they talk about in Tracies blog

The small town of Pisac

Cusco, Peru


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