Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Little Man!

Today my awesome son Brandon turned 9! I can not believe it as been nine years since he was born. He has brought me much joy. He is such a boy. He loves to play soccer,basketball,and skateboard. We are having his Party next Saturday at the park. I will be sure to post lots of Pictures.
Brandon is very special to me. He is the only boy out of four. That means he has to deal with three sisters! He also has a step sister so make that Poor guy. It is so nice to have a boy around. It balances out the pink, princess, girly over load this house can some times experience. He is a trooper!
I love you Brandon! You are always going to be so special to me your the best son I could ever ask for=)


Anonymous said...

What a nice picture! And very sweet what you wrote about Brandon. Patti

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