Monday, March 17, 2008

Brandon 's Birthday PArty!

Brandon's Party was this Saturday! We sure had a blast. The weather was nice one minute and nasty the next. We had to go in and out of the house a lot but it was fine. It worked out great. When it was raining we did inside stuff like eat Pizza, open presents, and have cake and Ice cream. When it was nice we got to do the outside games.
First we did the pinata! I thought my attempt at a Pinata was horrible but every one said it was great. (Thanks by the way) I knew it looked funny but who cares the kids just bash it anyway right=) Here are a couple pictures of the. The blue hooded child is my nephew Ryan.
When we were all done with the Pinata we came back in the house for some PIZZA!!! Then we
played the water balloon toss game. They had fun playing that. Alexis and Billy won that game. At least they didn't get to wet! Then we had cake and ice cream! My cake was yummy. I think everyone liked
After the b
ig clean up of cake and Ice cream.We opened presents. He got lots of cool stuff he was really Happy! Then we went out side and played with Bubbles and rode bikes and scooters and skateboards! All in all he had a great day. Thanks to all who came!


Anonymous said...

You sure updated your blog quickly after Brandon's party! I'm glad he had fun and that the weather cooperated enough for the kids to play some outside party games. The birthday cake you made tasted good and looked great, especially with the wheels. Good Job! Now we will have a bit of a break till the next birthday comes around. :) Patti

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