Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Fourth Birthday Madison

Today Madison turned four. It was a great day. Big breakfast with a Happy Birthday song. Then off to see Princess and the frog. They loved it. Then made cupcakes with Madison she was a great helper. Had Grandpa and Uncle Jon and Gabe over for Dinner. Ate some cupcakes then took her to see her nana for a sleepover. I think she had a great day.

I am so blessed to have this little princess in my life. She is sassy and sweet smart and energetic. She is by far the most girly girl ever. She is a big sister a little sister a little lover a big booger. She has all the qualities I could ever ask for in a daughter. Her blue eyes are like a crystal door way in to her fiery heart!

Next week is her big princess party. We are waiting for Grandma to get back from Peru to celebrate. I will have lots of pics to share then. I didn't take any pictures today because she has a bad black eye from bonking heads with Trinity. So here is a favorite picture from awhile back =)


patti said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Madison! I am looking forward to your princess party on Saturday. I leave Peru tomorrow, so we'll see you soon. Your cousin Isabella wishes you a very happy birthday!

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