Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Grandma Patti is on her way home!!

Grandma has been gone for a month! We have been missing her tons! She is right now on her way home from Peru. She is about to land in Lima right now and will be heading to Atlanta this evening then home form there! She will arrive at 8pm tomorrow night and we couldn't be more excited!

Hope you are having a good flight and you will be able to get some sleep and not get to bored on you two long lay

We hope Tracie, Ricky and Isa will have a good flight to Chili and have a great visit there! Good luck on having this baby boy! You are in the home stretch now! I can't believe it is so close!

Luvs and hugs xoxox


Tracie said...

yay, us too are excited that we're on the home stretch!

glad you have your gramma patti back home. we will miss her, but glad she is back among those who love her so much and appreciate all she does (and even more now after being gone for a month!)

we love you guys, happy bday to maddy, can't believe she is already 4.

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