Thursday, November 19, 2009

STILL no baby!

I went to the Dr. yesterday and she did sweep my membranes, it brought on some strong contractions for about three hours. I thought for sure I would be heading to the Hospital. My cousin came and got the girls Alexis went to a friend’s all our bags were packed and ready to go... then they started to get slower and then they just poof went away! I have to say I went in the bathroom and cried! I am so frustrated! I know he will come when he is ready but can I please stop with these false alarms! Everyone thinks I am a hypochondriac! Even Nathan accused me last night!

I talked to my Dr. around 8:30 and said she thinks it would be best to schedule and induction for Tuesday. That is my actual due date. I really wanted to avoid induction but at this point I will take it. I really hope that he will come this weekend and avoid Alexis birthday plans. If not then that is life and I guess we will just deal!


patti said...

Fortunately it's just a difference of a few days. He really will be born!! It may not feel like it sometimes, huh. Labor for all three of my boys had to be induced, these Heuton boys!!!
I'll be cheering you on from Peru and hope that we'll have a good Skype connection to see him when he is brand new, if you're up to it. We'll be praying for you, too. You take care. Lots of love, Patti

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