Friday, May 1, 2009

10 weeks Pregnant

10 Weeks in!!!

I am starting to feel a little better one day, then the next it is way worse! I am hoping this doesn't last the entire time I am pregnant, I will loose my mind! Even tho I am sick all the time I do have to admit I am really excited about having another baby. I have been on a million web sites reading stuff looking at clothes and getting that anticipation flutter wondering what the sex will be. I have made the choice to get my tubes tied after this baby before I even leave the hospital so I am going to try to make the most of everything this last time.

The big reason for not blogging is I have been going threw a lot and it is just not something I have wanted to blog about. It is just so emotional and a private family matter that I feel this is not the place to vent. I will say this, I am not sure why some people feel it is necessary to treat other people in a unnecessarily forceful, rude demeaning way. Especially a child. I have struggled with my feeling and emotions toward this person for the last nine years and just when you give your trust back to them they rip it away. It is sad, unfortunate and this time I feel something has to be done no matter the ripple effect. All I can do is pray for this person and the situation and hope for the best. I have tried in the past to take all the pain worry and frustration on alone and once I gave it all to the Lord I felt at peace and knew that he would take care of the situation, my only responsibility is to fight for what I believe speak my mind and take the steps to protecting my self and the one I love.

All I can ask of all of you is to just say a little prayer for the situation to work out in the easiest fastest way possible. =)

Here are some cute funny silly pics of me Alexis and B=) Enjoy!


Susanne said...

Very cute pictures with the kids! My goodness, they are growing so FAST! So sorry about the morning sickness. It is torture! With Gavin I had it for almost my entire pregnancy. Thank goodness this one is a girl and it went away half way through my second trimester. But now I'm entering the torture phase. A little over four weeks left and I am SOOOO uncomfortable (swollen feet, heartburn, can't sleep... the list goes on and on!). I can't wait for it to be over and to have our sweet baby girl come home with us! :-)

Ricky and Tracie said...

well said. we are praying for you and the situation. May God always give you the peace you need to keep trusting in Him, even through the tough times.

And.... yay you are 10 weeks!!! I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl.... we can't wait to see you, nathan, the girls and brandon...
love ya

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