Sunday, February 15, 2009

Trinity's Birthday Party

It was a lot of fun! It went great, all the kids had a blast and I am glad it is all over with now. There was a lot of people here almost to many! I am glad everyone loves my baby girl. It is good to know she is loved.

Everything went good, well almost everything Trinity didn't want to put on her pretty princess dress she fought and screamed yanked and pulled...
Patti and I had a heck of a time getting her dress on! It took both of us! She is such a little stinker!
I really enjoyed making the cupcakes. I love her Birthday is around Valentines day there is a lot of really cute decorations! I got heart shaped cupcake holders and pretty sprinkles. Patti gave me the cupcake rack for Christmas and it worked so good!! (Thanks!)

I am so happy it was Another successful party and now today we are doing nothing but recuperating!!


patti said...

good pictures! yes, the little stinker is also absolutely adorable and we love her! Enjoy your day of quiet and kidless recuperation.

Ricky and Tracie said...

what a cute party!! it looks like trin had such a good time. I wish we could have been there. we miss you

love, tracie, ricky and isabella

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