Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Birthday Party leads to Double ear infections and bronchitis!

Today I took the girls to the Doctor, something I usually try to avoid. Not because I don't like the Doctors office mostly because we don't have Insurance and it is EXPENSIVE! Too expensive! Nathan and I usually read up on there symptoms on the internet and call the advice nurse, this has helped us avoid the Doctor office many of times. Well not this time!
Trinity has had a high fever since right after her birthday party. It has been between 103-104. I have been giving her Tylenol (when she will take it) it will help for a little bit but spike right back up once it wears off. She has also been fighting a bad cough for about a week. So I just had the "Mom" feeling to take her to the Doctor. On top of all that Madison has woke up the last couple nights crying and saying her ears hurt. Tylenol helped her and she would just go right back to sleep. I have never dealt with ear infections Alexis and Brandon avoided them there entire life(so far). Madison and Trinity have also never really been that sick, not sick enough to take to the Doctor at least.
Well I took them both in today, I only scheduled Trinity and when the Doctor said that Trinity had double ear infection I asked her to look in Madison ears as well and she had an infection in her right ear.
So it was off to the Pharmacy for Amoxicillin $50 later we headed home to start getting these girls better. They have to take it for ten days twice a day. I am so glad I went to the Doctor. I know it is going to cost over $200 for a ten minute visit. Our health care system is so horrible!!!
When it comes down to it I know there are just times I have to take them and have to just deal with paying the bill.
Please say a little Prayer for our munchkins to make a speedy recovery =)

Here are a couple pics of them playing peek a boo with me earlier.


patti said...

Oh, poor girls, all three of you! What an ordeal. They look cute playing Peek-A-Boo. Hopefully they will recover soon. Y'all take care.

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