Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New direction

I have decided to bring a little more to this blog. If you read a few posts back I said I wanted to write about more interesting things. I want to Inspire! So I have taken some time to think about things I am good at that can be shared with all of you.... I am not saying I am the best at any of the things I am about to list. I am not saying Cynthia is super great in any way! I am just wanting to share what I know with all of you in hopes you might learn something and be inspired to try it your self.

The main reason for me wanting to do any of this is because all you bloggers have inspired me... just that simple. I feel I want to return the favor. =)

From now I will be blogging about (of course my kiddos that will never change)
Posts on these topics will not have a set schedule, they will be posted as often as I do them. I am hoping this will give me more of an incentive to do more with the things I love.
This will start February 1st, to give me some time to get a few things organized and put together.

Photography-Information might come by way of the pictures I take for the other topics. For example if I post about scrapbooking and do some editing on the pictures, I will include what I did to the pictures what program I used and where to buy it. What camera I was using the apature setting etc.
If it is just a family post I will at the bottom of the post add in all the Photography info. Please feel free to ask me anything in the comment section on any of the topics.

Cooking- I will post threw out the week different recipes I cook for my family, new things I have tried and link you to other web sites that offer great instruction on how to make great dishes.

Scrapbooking- I have been neglecting my scrapbooking, so I hope this will help me get back into it. I will show you step by step instruction on how to use different products, where to find them, and pretty much all the things I do to create the scrapbooks I make for my children, friends and family.

Crafting- I have so many ideas of things I want to create! Every time I get together with my Mother in law we chat and chat about all the ideas we have. We have to start making lists. So I want to at least twice a month post something crafty. My first craft will be hair bows. I go to a few different web sites spending a lot of money on what I feel can be created for a lot less! So that will be my first adventure! My mother in law has already started!! Look for a post soon.

My mother in law Patti H might make guest appearances on here as well. She is great with
cooking, calligraphy, sewing, drawing, painting... Well you catch my drift the woman is a craft making machine!!! You can find her blog here!

I look forward to starting this new adventure. Please let your friends, family and fellow bloggers know about me please!! =) It would be great to get some feed back once I start doing this.

btw I did get my new camera! It came yesterday in all of its beautiful glory!! I ripped open the box like a five year old on Christmas!! Ohh it is awesome. I am reading the manual, watching the videos and what not. I will have some pictures to share in a few days.

Have a great night I am off to cook dinner.



patti said...

Hey there, isn't blogging great! I'm looking forward to see what you come up with to share!

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