Monday, January 26, 2009

Beautiful boogers

Madison and Trinity are the light of my life. They bring so much joy and laughter to this home. They both have great personalities and a very strong will. They grow so much each day and learn a lot from each other good and bad.
This last month they have decided that they would show the little monster side of there personalities a lot!! They always push the limits a little, climb on bathroom counters, get into lotion, baby wipes are there favorite thing to spread around the house.. Well they both topped the naughty list this month!
Last week Madison decided to climb on to the kitchen counter and get the scissors, she then hid in a corner and cut her hair, luckily just her bangs. It looks pretty funny. All this happened when I was in the shower and my 13 year old was in charge of watching them. I guess what ever she was doing at the time was more important then watching her two monster little sisters!

Here is a enjoy

She says I still beautiful momma right..
And I say ofcourse you are.

As for Trinity she is a sneaky little booger. She gets out of her bed in the morning and quietly comes down stairs. Usually she just gets in the wipes, or juice, sometimes lotion in the bathroom. I am usually really good about making sure stuff is up and things that could hurt her are way out of reach. Well on this particular morning I was in bed and woke up to Madison saying(yelling) you in bug trouble Trin Trin!!! At that moment I realized I left my purse downstairs with all my MAC make-up in it. I ran down stairs hoping that she was getting into anything but that, well all hope was lost when Madison heard my footsteps and said Moommmmaaa Trin is in you make up........
Let's just say I was not a happy camper, I love my makeup it is my small obsession. I spend a lot of money on this stuff and I take very good care of it. I always bring my purse up stairs with me at night so this doesn't happen. So really I have no one to blame but my self.

Kids in general are little scavengers they will find everything in the house they are not allowed to get into.
I didn't get a picture of the mess but oh there was a mess. Pigment eyeshadow was all over the floor and them, and they got into the mascara it was quite a scary sight. They were both golden chocolate brown and black! Lol.. all I can do is laugh. Laugh all the way to the MAC store to buy some more makeup:)
This is Trins mean face, you say do the face and this is what she does.. Quite the little monster hu
This is beautiful sweet


patti said...

Oh, those little stinkers! I'm sorry they ruined your good make-up. Hopefully it'll be the last time. I think every kid does something exactly like this at least once, and ONLY once if you're lucky!

Courtney said...

HAHAHA!!! They are JUST like Alexis!!! I remember all the things she got into when she was that age.

Sorry about the make-up. :(

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