Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Madison is growing up!

I will admit that this might not be to exciting for you, but I did promise some exciting news...
My Madison is getting so big! She is talking so much, I have full on conversations with her. Well I am very happy to announce that she is officially a big girl and no longer is in Diapers!! She is potty trained!!!!! Wahhoooooooo
She does still use a diaper at night but we are working on that. I am very happy for her, she feels like such a big girl. She really doesn’t even like wearing a diaper to bed but the bath room by her room is broken. Nathan will be fixing that this weekend. Then we will dive into night
It is a great feeling and accomplishment for a mother to teach her children new things especially how to use the bath room. I think that the last year and a half has been crazy, having two little girls. I get stressed out, and over whelmed and tend to over look some of the most precious moments I could be enjoying more. I just need to make a commitment to myself and family to slow down and breathe and take in all the really simple but great moments in life.
I am more thankful for my kids then I can ever express. Take the time ladies to enjoy your kids. (I will be trying to take my own advice) I know we will solider on and get the job done but the truth is we will rarely admit that sometimes we can't handle life, that at nap time we will cry, or when they go to bed we dream of a day being single with no responsibilities but the truth is Ladies we should talk about it more so that we are not alone!!! So we can know we are normal, and that all the other super moms out there are just too selfish to admit that are not perfect and have break down moments. I am no super mom and I am far from perfect but what I realize is that to our kids we are. We are super mom we are the best mom in the world (I realize they may forget this in there teen years). So band together moms and call a friend and tell them how you are really feeling about the red Kool-aid spilt on the just cleaned carpet, I promise she will know how you feel!

My baby at four months.

My big girl now!



Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

omg, i LOVE her!!!! she is such a big girl, using big girl panties!!!!

love you guys,

Liz said...

That is the best feeling isn't it! Knowing that you taught your child something new. Congrats to her for being potty trained!


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