Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My crazy, beautiful, tragic Life!!!!

I have had a million things running through my mind; this blog is always one of them. I can easily neglect this blog because those of you that read it will come back sooner or later. I love to update often and share my pictures and thoughts, and my life being a mom of four and a wife. I really hate when I keep putting it off, cuz then I have a trillion things to talk about and even more pictures to show you! I am not sure what I can do to help me keep on track with this blog, but I will try harder.
So the last time I posted I shared my exciting news with all of you about Madison. She is still on track and we have even gone to public restrooms and all has gone good so far. She has only had one accident. I am really happy with how the process went with her. She is such a sweet little thing, she has an attitude like no other but I love it and her more than chocolate!!! ;)

So as for an update as to what the Heuton Family has been up to it is going to be a little long so hold on tight and enjoy the next few minutes of reading..Lol just kidding It is not that bad but it is good so keep reading...Please no seriously don't leave... hello are you still there?? Anyone? Oh good there you are...heehe (it is late sorry I am a little loopy.)

The weekend before last I had great fun!! Saturday I went to lunch with Heidi we went to Romano's grill in Portland, she took me because I am going to take pictures at her baby shower, I think it was a fare trade! I love the place and she has never gone so it was a great pick. We had some yummy food and had a great talk. Here are a couple pictures of what we ate! It was so good!

Later that night I went to a bunko game with Heather and Whitney, it was really fun they had great prizes, food and drinks. It kind of got a little crazy with all the people but all in all it was a blast! I won a $10 gift card a $50 gift card and a big gift basket!!! I couldn't believe it! After the game was over us girls went to Back Alley and had a couple drinks, Heather never gets to go out so it was a special occasion and deserved a few drinks!!

I had the opportunity this last weekend to take Wedding pictures. I have never been as nervous for a photo shoot as I was for this wedding. I can always re shoot babies and kids but you can never get a wedding day back. So the pressure was on! I do tend to over think things and get stressed when it is not necessary, and it wasn't. I talked to Erica a couple days before the wedding so that I had an idea of what she wanted and time lines etc. Her and I came up with doing a back drop in the corner so that there was a nice place to take family pictures and such. So I went and got maroon fabric for the back drop, she had a fall theme wedding so I thought it would be a good color. I also got some sheer cream colored with sparkles fabric for the top. It ended up being great! I had a good place and I set up lighting so it turned out really good. I was worried but it was a great idea and it played out really well. Erica was a beautiful bride and the place looked great! It was a really nice wedding, I am happy for the both of them. It made me think of my special day. Getting married is such a great day; it was one thing I will always cherish forever. I married my best friend and the love of my life!

Sunday was a great day. It was my little brothers 26th birthday. We celebrated by going to dinner and hanging out. It was nice to have that time with him. I forgot my camera so no pics =(

I just love my little brother. I am really blessed to be so close to him! He is the best and always has been.

Then to conclude my update my Momma and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch yesterday it was so nice to go on a Monday afternoon. There was no one there!!! It was so great. No lines no crowds. We were in and out in like 30 minutes and that was only because we let them run around and look at pumpkins and corn stalks and the big witch, funny story about that actually. Madison was in the red wagon and I was pulling her around we came around a corner and there was a HUGE blown up witch. She said Oh my Mom... Mom it's an ummm a ummm Mom that is a bad word!!! I started cracking up I told her it was a just a Witch, she said yeah you told Whitney that was a bad word. I thought it was really cute yet kind crazy that she pays that much attention to my conversations with other people. She is a sponge right now; she has been taking so much in! Just to be clear I don't think witch is the bad word she was thinking of. ;)

To conclude I have some sad news. I found out that I just recently lost a baby. I didn't even know that I was pregnant until I started bleeding when it was not the time to be. I took a couple pregnancy tests and they were positive. I have had a few miscarriages the past few years. So I kind of know what to look for and feel and how things go. I took another pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. I called my Doctor to let her know the situation and she said it sounds like it was the same scenario as the last time according to her notes, and it pretty much was. I just went to the Hospital last time when I started bleeding cuz I was further along and knew I was pregnant. I am saddened but trust in the Lord that he knows all, and there is a reason it was not meant to be. We would have been very happy with a new addition to the family. When I took the first test and it was positive I was a little overwhelmed, I felt angry and excitement all at once. I wanted to plan the next pregnancy I wanted to have it all be up to me. I realize that God's plans are always perfect, he knows all, and it is not up to me to decide if I will have a baby or if I will not be able to keep it at all. I leave all this emotion and pain at his feet and only ask for comfort. My heart goes out to all you women who have lost a baby in the womb or after birth. I feel it is just not something we should ever have to experience.

I hope you all have a great weekend I will post a special post tomorrow so check back.

~xoxox Cyn~


Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

it sounds like you had lots of fun... going out to dinner (that first pasta dish looks excellent!), doing the wedding shoot, going to the pumpkin patch... I wish we could be there to join in on the fun!! we miss you guys. I'm so sorry about the baby, I will be praying that God helps you feel better each day and that in His timing you will have another addition! love ya

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