Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Broken promise!!

So sorry I promised some good news last week and didn't deliver! My Laptop went all crazy on me. I can post from the main computer but I keep all my pictures on the Laptop. Posting a blog with no pictures just don't fly with me! I love a visual with a story so I am assuming you all do to! I promise I will deliver the good news soon. I will make you wait one more day.
This weekend was good. I had the kids Friday night, they both had friends spend the night. They had a lot of fun! Boys spent most of the night in Brandon's room playing the Xbox. Girls watched tv and did there make up and hair. Typical kid stuff. Saturday they all went to the park and played and picked berries. Nathan took them and I got some relax time!! It was nice.
Saturday night Nathan and I had some much needed alone time. We rented movies and hung out on the couch. I enjoyed every minute of it!
I unfortunately caught a cold Monday so I have been under the weather the last couple days!!! It is a head cold so runny nose then stuffy nose, cough, sinus pressure!! BLAH.. Let's hope it goes away soon!
My beautiful baby girl
Me and Lover face

Weee slide
My buddy
Picking berries
Doing there posing



Ricky and Tracie Olivares said...

my goodness, Alexis is not a little girl anymore!! she is beautiful. I wonder how many boys are in love with her at school. haha!

Maddy is so big! Goin down the slide all by herself.

Hugs and kisses to you and all the kiddos. Love you!

Susanne said...

LOVE that B&W pic of Alexis!

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