Sunday, May 18, 2008

A day at the Farmers Market and park

Today was beautiful! It was just the right temp out. We went to a few garage sales, but didn't find anything=( We headed down to the Farmers Market to play in the water with Kelli and her kids. We played in the water for bit, Madison was so overwhelmed by all the people! She was not sure what to think. She loved playing in the water with Alexia, she followed her every where. Which was not\ so good some times, cuz that girl likes to climb. I am so happy Madison didn't fall or anything. We called it quits after a bit.We walked across the park to the Farmers Market and to the little park area. We ate some Kettle corn and corn dogs. The corn dog was nasty but the kettle corn was really good! I love that stuff.

There were lots of dogs there! Alexa was asking politely to pet them and hold them it was cute. One lady didn't really want to her to touch the dog but Alexa did anyway..oops
I love all the people and colors at the Market. There is such a great ambiance there, people are playing music, singing, playing at the park, there is this wonderful smell in the air whether it be the kettle corn, or hot Cinnamon almonds or chicken skewers. I love it. The flowers are beautiful, the veggies look so fresh. It is great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I think we will be going back often now that it is staying nice out.
Thank Goodness for Summer!
This is Esther Short. The Park is named after her.
I love this smile.
Alexa giving Maddy the wrong idea!
Splashing around in the water.
A view of the market from the start.
I really like this bird bath.
I love the bright colors!
One of the vendors making yummy food.
Real maple syrup. yumo!
Beautiful flowers...
and more(these are my fav)
and more.
The different sounds of Music..
Had to buy some of these.
This is the Dog Alexa pet when the lady told her not too.
He looks like a killer hu! lol


Ricky, Tracie and Isabella Olivares said...

we miss you!!!!! we need to set a date to chat over skype!!! let me know when you have some time, kay?

Love ya! hugs and kisses for the girls (and brandon too)


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