Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chasing Chickens

I am so happy that my girls love animals. They get that from there dad. I am not too fond of animals. I do love the chickens and bunnies, but only cuz they stay out side. Dogs, cats, hamsters etc. are not welcome in this house. I will be ok with having a dog or two once we move to Iowa and have a Farm. I will be ok with a cat too. They just will not be inside pets. They will have there homes outside. I do want a little york shire terrier that I would allow in the house... maybe???
Madison and Trinity love the bunnies and chickens. When a chicken escapes from there area Trinity loves to chase them around. This girl has no fear, she will be a stunt double or extreme sports pro for sure some day
Madison on the other had screams and runs "no chicken no eat meeeeee" heehee she is so funny.
Yesterday was great out it got up to 100 degrees! We played in the yard.. I got a pool and slip n slide for the kids. They had a blast. We had a BBQ and enjoyed the nice weather. I do have to say that 100 is a little too hot. Right now it is about 80 out with a breeze and that is perfect!

Enjoy some pictures of the girls chasing the chicken and playing in the yard.


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