Thursday, May 15, 2008

Make these!

They are Jalapeno bacon wrap things. I found them on this website You have to make them! I made them last night. I served them with steak and pasta salad, but I made a jelly for dipping. I mixed blackberry jam with jalapeno jelly and warmed it up in the microwave. So delish!
All you need is cream cheese, bacon and lots of jalapenos!
Start with a jalapeno. Hello, jalapeno! Try to find ones that are 2 to 3 inches long; not too big. Slice the jalapeno in half length-wise. With a spoon, gently scrape out the seeds and white membranes. This process moves pretty quickly. If you’re impervious to the spiciness, you can leave a little membrane and/or a couple of seeds inside. If you prefer things a little on the mild side, go ahead and clean ‘em out reeeeel gooooood. Now cut the bacon slices into thirds. I usually just go ahead and cut the whole package at once. I like shortcuts. Now unwrap the softened cream cheese and your assembly line is all set! Now start smearing cream cheese inside each jalapeno half. Just keep going until you have the quantity you want. That’s the great thing about this recipe: you can make as few as two or as many as 49,382! There’s no huge commitment. Now take a piece (1/3 slice) of bacon and wrap it around the jalapeno. Wrap it snugly, but not too tightly. Keep going until you’re finished. Now stick a toothpick through the middle of each one; this will keep the bacon from coming off in the oven. Place them on a pan with a rack (so bacon grease can escape) and bake at 375 degrees for 20-25 minutes. These are so divine, you should seriously consider making four or five times the quantity you think you’ll need.


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