Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My long awaited come back!!!!

Hey everyone, I have missed you all. I have been avoiding updating this thing like crazy! I am not sure why. I think once it has been longer then a month then I just can't bring myself to sit down and put a million pictures up.
I have decided to just give you a quick update this time.
In a nut shell things have been great this summer. I have connected with some old friends, taken lots of cool pictures, gone camping, swimming, walking, shopping, driving, went to a funeral, to movies(Dark Knight was great!) been to a couple shows etc, We got a new kitten(savage) He is cute as can be, but if you have food look out! Went to Iowa, bought some land there. Took the kids to the zoo! Ryan graduated from Kindergarten.
I have had new friendships blossom while others changed dramatically! I have cried, laughed, loved and lived. I feel great about my life right now and I am happy where things are going.
My photography has been doing ok. Did my first live show at the Ash St. Saloon in Portland. It was awesome! I really want to get into that scene more. I have been working with Rob on networking with that crowd. I hope it goes somewhere!
I got to see my best Friend have her baby and take some amazing pictures of him too. I even got to cut the umbilical cord! It was an amazing experience. It brought me Kelli and Whitney a lot closer.
I celebrated my third wedding anniversary this month. It was so nice. I hope I have many more years with my Lover face. =)
I am about to turn 29 on the 26th. Scary but I am ready for anything so bring it on! I hope to have a great time!
Well my peeps, I will close for now. I am going to put some pictures up so for goodness sake leave me some comments! It might make me update this more
Madison at the Beach.

Forth of July he first time playing with a sparkler.

My beautiful Trinity.

With Tia Tracies old doggie.

Trinity at the zoo, she like the picture.

Camping was great!

Baby Aiden

Another of Madison at the beach.


Ricky, Tracie and Isabella Olivares said...

Hey!!! OMG, you have to forgive me.... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I can't believe it passed right by me. I hope you celebrated and had a fun 6th of August. 3 years!! dang!

Btw, I love love your photos. they are just beautiful. You definitely have some talent!

I love you my sister! Keep on posting and I'll leave you some lovin!

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