Friday, April 18, 2008

Photoshope CS3

Today I got to mess around with PhotoShop, and my new Camera. I have to say never before did I think I could have this much fun taking pictures and editing them. I was blog stalking the different Photography blogs and different links from other peoples blog. I found this SITE, it is amazing! She has all different blogs, recipes, Photography, and Home and Garden. She has step by step instructions on how to use PhotoShop, and her recipes.I just love it! I got so much information out of her blog. I read for hours!
As I was reading, I was editing some pictures I had taken, and taking pictures to edit.

Here is what I did. Let me know what you think. Be honest. I am new at this and really want the feed back=) I had so much fun today!

My blue eyed girl. Used the blurring tool and sharpened her eyes, a little she has beautiful eyes already!
Just me being silly. Enhanced colors and sharpened a couple things.
Used Lightroom to edit this one. She looks about five years older now.
I enhanced the colors of this one.
Made some changes to the color and to Trinity's eyes.
I sharpened Dawn's eyes.
Didn't do much to this one just used North light.


rpkkj said...

Really nice pictures!

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