Monday, April 21, 2008

Great Weekend Fun!

This weekend was soooo much fun! Friday night we went out to dinner at Joe's Crab shack with my Dad and Tammy. We had the Crab Daddy feast! It was really good. Saturday morning we went and said hi to Grandma and Grandpa Heuton. While the girls were napping I went and got an Iphone! It is really cool I am so excited!< After lunch, and the girls naps we drove all over Portland to a few car lots looking for a new Suburban for Nathan. He is wanting a 1991-99 style, it has to be lifted and have good tires. Well the couple we saw online were gone when we got to the lot. So we just drove around hoping to spot one... well we didn't, and after about four hours in the car it was time to head home. The girls went to bed and what was supost to be our date night turned into helping my dad fix Tammy's car. It was fine no big deal! We just planed on having a date afternoon on Sunday=) And we did. We went to Ramono's Macaroni Grill. It was really yuumie! I had Chicken Scalopine. Nathan had the Lasagna. I brought my camera along encase any good opportunities presented them self. Well we decided to go to the Rose Garden after lunch to take some pictures. I was amazed at the quality of pictures my camera can take, and that I am learning to understand my camera more and use it better. I will be posting some shots in this post. Then after lunch with my sweetie and a nice walk at the Rose Garden we headed back home. Daniel invited us over for a BBQ so we picked up Madison and, went over there for a few hours. It was lots of fun! Ryan was there and a few other kids so Madison had a blast. She was really good too. I had so much fun taking pictures! I am not sure if everyone was getting sick of me or not but I didn't care, and I am sure they won't either when they see the great shots I got! I hope you enjoy them as well. Please leave me some feed back. I am just getting started doing this and having so much fun too. I would love to hear your advice or tips=) Hope everyone had a good weekend=)


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