Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Adventure

Today was a great day. I got my web site up and running. It still needs a lot of work but it will be looking great soon. I could not ask for more right now. Things are really falling into place.
I have a lot of people who want me to take pictures of there kids, family, personal, I even booked a wedding today. I told her that I need the practice and since it is my first one I will do it as a gift to her. Weddings make me a little nervous, but I will have learned a lot more by the time I shoot her wedding.
I have so much to be thankful for. I have always wanted to do this. I never before thought that my love for photos would go beyond my kids, family, and friends. I love to scrapbook too, it may be one of the biggest reasons I wanted to get in to this. I have in the last six months spent around $700 on Professional photographers so that I have the all the best photos for my kids scrapbooks! Well let me just tell you, there will never be any more of that! I realized I can take just as good of photos if not better! I just want to thank everyone for your continued support. I love all the complements you have given. This has for sure been a great confidence booster! I just hope to live up to everyone expectations=)
Here is a link to my Web site it is still undergoing final touches. It will be in tip top shape soon. I will let you know when it is all done.


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